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Lawn Lizards
03-26-2006, 04:31 PM
I grew out of Groundskeeper Pro in 6 months when we started 6 years ago. I have used QuickBooks ever since and, of course, I can't stand it, but I am looking at this new program my dad told me about that is coming out in about a month, he thinks. It's called GrowthTrak. I signed up to hear more info when they launch the application. You can enter you email at at GrowthTrak.com so you can check it out when it's done, too. He said that it is coming with the basic necessities for management and then you will be able to customize it by adding specific features to fit your business needs. Also, he believes (heard through the grapevine) that it is a low monthly payment thing, so it won't be like $400 to start managing with multiple users from anywhere you need to access it. When I purchased QB, it had so much stuff that I didn't even need, but paid for and also, I still track a lot of my data in Excel because their program is not made for people who are new to business management. Also, with QB you have to pay extra for online data backup and evidently that's included in GrowthTrak. Anyway, just thought I would share some random news with everyone! I always look forward to new management options! Comments?