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cheyenne c/k
05-05-2001, 02:28 AM
I was wondering if anybody has used the air spring kits, for the rear leaf springs. I can't beside either to get the air springs or go with Progressive rate load helper springs(non air) , the ones that mount over top of the truck springs. I dont' want to affect the ride of the truck. I haul everything from loads of dirt,mulch,firewood etc. to a 14' cargo trailer with this truck, but it's also my personal truck. I'm just trying to beef up the rear end.
It's a 95 3/4 ton 4x4

05-05-2001, 03:29 AM
The good thing about air springs is you can deflate them down so they don't affect your ride when you are not hauling heavy loads. Also, I think they handle quite a bit more weight than helper springs, I could be wrong though. I don't think the helper springs affect suspension when they are not being used. They definately won't interfere with handling or anything like that.

karl klein
05-08-2001, 11:06 PM
i have a 1997 chevy 2500 suburban and last summer i decided to put air helper springs on the rear they work great. i would also buy the on board compressor with gauge if you get one when you are not hauling you can deflate them to 10 psi and hardly no that they are there but when youre towing a large trailer you can inflate to around 60 psi and you can't even tell you are towing anything.
the ones i have are the haevy duty bags with the on board compressor they say it rases the load capacity from 10,000 to 12,500 pounds
i love them and wouldn't think twice about buying a second set

cheyenne c/k
05-09-2001, 02:18 AM
Thanks for the help Thinking about getting the firestone heavy duty ones.

05-09-2001, 02:19 PM

I just got a set of timbren rubber springs to put on my 2001 2500HD. I wanted to go with air, but didn't want to spend the extra money. I'm putting them on this week, so I will be able to tell you how they ride when they are on.

They are like helper springs on a stock truck, not making contact until the truck is loaded. Hopefully the ride won't be sacrificed when not loaded, but only upon installation will I find that out.

I tow a 10,000lb dump trailer and a also a 7x14 enclosed that is real tongue heavy will all the tools stacked up on the front shelves. I mainly want to smooth it out on the highway. Doing 60 on rt 80 here in NJ is a BUMPY ride. If anything, maybe they will help me from replacing my shocks so early.


karl klein
05-09-2001, 09:48 PM
cheyene ck
i would recomend the air lift brand springs they have a lot thicker bags and i was told that they are less proan to tear and leak