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05-10-2001, 12:55 PM
I'm trying to locate a Bed Edger dealer in the south-central Kansas area. Anybody Know of one? I'd like to demo one of these.

05-12-2001, 02:22 PM
Sell a job if you can edging, then go rent one for half a day and you'll make money(good money) along with getting all the demo you want. They are very easy to operate and do a very good job as long as you dont pull too fast. We just did a job a week ago re-edging 450 feet of beds and made 450.00 in about 25-30 minutes from start to finish. If its not really rough we charge .50 cents to a dollar to edge and if its rough with high root content we charge 1.50 to 2.00 a foot.


Craig Turf Management
05-12-2001, 10:47 PM
I'm buying a bededger from the rental shop that I've been using for 200.00 less than the best deal my mower dealer can give me. Maybe you should try a rental center first. The rental center was going to sell me a nine month old unit for 1300.00. I opted to buy new so I will know the history.
Bill Craig:D

05-14-2001, 08:25 AM
Thanks Bill and Guntruck, Nearly everyone in my area has never heard of a bed edger. Including all rental centers, and mower dealers. Oh well, put in 3000ft of new beds the hard way.