View Full Version : Price on Transplanting - Labor vs using Machine

04-17-2006, 09:32 PM
Hi, I'm trying to figure approximately how much someone would charge using a machine to transplant and remove evergreens. Prices for no machine appreciated as well, 4 40 plus guys in decent shape spent about 65 Labor hours spent for removing, transplanting, digging, cleanup etc.

All balls we're 3-4' some 1' depth to 2' on bigger ones.

3 Azaleas 4x4, 3 Rhody's 7x5, 1 Rhody 10x10, 1 yew 2x2, 3 Burning Bush 5x5, kalmia 6x4.

All holes dug were over 3' obviously, added compost, ground was ok, some roots and rocks, about average digging.

Also removed 6 other evergreens using truck to pull out stumps sizes were about 6x6 on average.

I really appreciate any ideas on price, thanks

04-19-2006, 09:35 AM
There is no price difference. To dig a ditch 10 foot deep and 10 foot wide with 1 man and a shovel , or to dig the same ditch with 1 man and a backhoe . the end result is the same , a 10 foot hole . The only difference is time .