View Full Version : Deciding between BG85 and PB200

04-26-2006, 08:51 PM
Father/son operation hoping to settle on about 12 yards per week.

The Stihl is obviously the more powerful. How much power is enough?

The draw of the Echo is it's a little cheaper and I work with someone who has used it trouble-free for 3 seasons with a similar workload. Is this typical of their durability? My trimmer is an Echo and he is in favor of keeping tools of a common manufacturer for things like common tune-up parts and common fuel mixes. How do you guys rank these points? Are the fuel mixes even different between these 2 blowers?

I went and looked at each and the Stihl seemed either lighter or to have a better weight balance, or both. The salesman also pointed out that Echos tended to grab onto the pants leg of right-handed users. Is that a big deal?

The price difference is around $60. What to do?


04-26-2006, 10:33 PM
Never had any problem with echo digging into my pants. It is a good idea to stay with one brand for repair parts and learning. The SRM230 is a good starter unit, the 2100 is a little small but if that is all you can afford it woudl be fine. Echo still has true 2 stroke not funny valves or anything. They are very simple to work on and just as good as any of the other brands.

04-26-2006, 11:25 PM
I have an older Stihl BG-85 blower along with some Shindaiwa EB 630 B/P's. The stihl is the only handheld I have. Yes, I agree with you on the following : " I went and looked at each and the Stihl seemed either lighter or to have a better weight balance, or both" I don't think your going to find a better, more powerful handheld out there. Certainly, not one from Echo. I don't even think Echo publishes their performance figures anyway. Bottom line, if the machine helps you get the job done faster and is only $60.00 more it's a no brainer. Also, you can use the same two cycle mix for both as long it's one of good quality and it doesn't have to be either a Stihl or Echo brand.

04-27-2006, 11:17 PM
Picked up the Stihl today before knocking out a couple of lawns....wow!! I'm sure this blower is as good as everyone says, but just to not have to sweep this time was awesome. I knew after a few yards that sweeping was costing alot of time but I had no real clue until today :drinkup:


04-27-2006, 11:34 PM
Next step will be a new backpack blower for ya, Randy !! Air volume is what does the real work not just air speed. Enough air volume will blow the leaves out of the beds without blowing out the mulch or rocks...... As long as you feather it.. Try it, you'll get the hang of it. A smaller blower won't allow for that to happen since in order to get enough volume you'll have to up the speed also. Then your moving more than you want to. You made the right choice. Don't forget to secure it. Handhelds are REAL easy to grab and run.:weightlifter: