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04-28-2006, 01:14 PM
Currently, we only offer CAST lighting to our customers- since it's the best! But... it's a hard sell to people that aren't rolling in money. Do you know of another high-quality light manufacturer that's less expensive than CAST- but can still be wired the same as CAST lights?

04-28-2006, 01:50 PM
Yes, any of them. Just pick another brand that you like and as long as it is the same voltage you can wire it the same way. Good luck.


04-28-2006, 06:50 PM
Looking for something that is a better quality than Home Depot stuff- but maybe not as great as Cast. Something reliable and well built. Does anybody have any specific name brand recommendations?

04-28-2006, 07:32 PM
Kichler is decent. I'd stay away from Focus, Unique and Hadco if possible.

04-28-2006, 07:51 PM
I use Kichler, Vista, Cast and FX. These are all high quality products. Some cost more than others. Kichler does have some cast brass fixtures that are very heavy and well built. If you PM me I will give you some contact info.

04-28-2006, 11:48 PM
Are the clients going to roll in it in the future? Like 3-5 years down the line when the crap aluminum fixtures that are powder coated and the coatings gone and the socket is junk.What do they do then. They have no warranty left and it all looks bad. Is this when they need to be wealthy do redo the junk? Why not sell them on quality brass and copper fixtures with lifetime warranties and your service commitment. Advise them to not put as many fixtures in initially and put in the transformer with the understanding of future lighting and as they save you can add. They wont go 2 months with just 4 lights, they will call after living with the quality system and want to add,add,add. You cant demonstrate the whole yard at one time, so start with a few fixtures and a large enough transformer not so so crap with 5 year warranties and powder coating. Do it right first or recommend a cheaper contractor.

04-29-2006, 01:12 AM
I agree... doing a system in stages (install a large trans or credit them for the smaller one later twoards purchase of a larger one) in order to meet a budget is just good business. It opens your doors to customers who cant afford to lay down a large chunk now. If they can afford say one third of the reccomended system then light the front of the structure first. Add in flower beds and or back yard and such later. I recently provided a proposal and broke it down like this

Initial install w/ 1200w trans to allow expansion later $xxxxx

Add on butterfly garden $xxxxx

add on side yard $xxxxxx

Add on back deck$xxxxxx

my wording was much differerent but i layed it out like i was looking out for thier best intrest and saving them money later as they wont need to reinvest in the heart of the system.

We even plan to do our own system in stages as funds and time permit. Right now its more a time factor than anything.

04-29-2006, 11:55 AM
Well, I guess if everyone thought this way we would all be driving around in Rolls Royces. Wouldn't it be great if we could get that car one piece at a time. I think I'll by the fender today, anyone want to loan me $10,000 for that fender? Next year I'll get the windshield.

Not everyone can afford a Rolls. If you install a quality product (Kichler, Vista, FX) and it is maintained properly, it will last for, well, I don't know. I have never had to replace one of my systems.

Just something to think about.

04-29-2006, 12:38 PM
Interesting post, but I think the rolls royce analogy is a gross exageration. I suggest you do real price comparisons and you'll see that all the quality fixtures and transformers from the good manufacturers are actually very close in price.

You don't have to increase system prices by very much to go from mediocre quality to best quality.

04-29-2006, 02:17 PM
Even a few Cast lights can be way out the the ballpark for some people. There are been a few customers that we have tried to talk into doing a few lights initially that have been so turned off at the price they decided to go elsewhere.
Not everyone is concerned about a lifetime waranty. What about people that know they will be moving in a few years? Or investors? They want something good- but it doesn't always have to be "the best".
I love Cast lights- and wish everyone wanted to buy them. But some people just want something a little less "top of the line".
I haven't priced anything from the other manufacturers yet. If I find they are only a few dollars cheaper- then I'll scrap the whole idea. But if I can find something a bit cheaper that's a great quality- with maybe a 10-15 year warranty- then why not have another option for my customers?
Is Kichler close in pricing to Cast? Anyone know if they have a website?

desert night light
04-29-2006, 06:29 PM
I don't know about cast here in the west. What are the general going prices for their fixtures cost to contractors. You don't have to be exact just a range so i can get an idea and compare to what I'm paying for other product. Maybe I'll understand what all the commotions about
example a brass uplight 55-75 etc.

04-29-2006, 07:18 PM
If you deal in hundreds you will make hundreds,if you deal in thousands you will make thousands. Say No to the cheap folks. Pre scan your prospects and tell them your systems start at 2000.00. Dont get involved with cheaper this or cheaper that. Find the clientel you need and service them. Why muddle around for 50 bucks a fixture profit. Set your goals higher. Sell quality install quality and dont be afraid to make a profit. When you deal with the right people they tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on. Raise your standards. Dont try to come down to the clients your getting.

04-29-2006, 09:02 PM

Frog Lights, LLC
04-30-2006, 10:02 AM
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04-30-2006, 03:54 PM
In my post, I was trying to make a point and I guess I failed. My average project averages from $215-$250 per fixture, installed with a 3 year maintenance plan. I only use Kichler, FX, Vista, Escort and CAST fixtures. I do keep and eye out for other quality manufacturers and might even use them if I see that they are of high quality. I do try to stick to members of the LVLIA as well as I believe that it does promote the low voltage lighting industry.

05-05-2006, 07:02 PM
Is Cast Going to Join the LVLIA?

05-06-2006, 01:10 AM
I don't know if they are or not. I hope so. I know that they have visited the LVLIA conference and certification. They are a good manufacturer with a lot to offer the industry.

Frog Lights, LLC
05-07-2006, 11:51 AM
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05-09-2006, 01:40 PM
[QUOTE=bluediamond]Even a few Cast lights can be way out the the ballpark for some people. There are been a few customers that we have tried to talk into doing a few lights initially that have been so turned off at the price they decided to go elsewhere.

Sorry for late replies but we have been out of town on vacation and my wife refused to let me surf LS (imagine that!)

If they are out of thier price range you may be targeting the wrong clientel. How are you presenting the systems. You dont want to say oh ok 10 fixtures times 200 comes to 2k. Sell on your design and quality. The big box stores selling "kits" for $109 dollars or the "easy to install wireless solar" kits are hurting our market but then again these are not your clients altho it does still play a part in our market. Everyone gets lowes papers and home depot papers. Im sure you have seen thier nice backyard with the people smiling and thier lights glowing (not illuminating) in the background with a monster t bone steak on thier "commercial" grill. Its all about the marketing and how you come across.

I wouldnt install anything of unknown quality even if it had a good profit due to the fact the call backs would kill you and put you out of business.

as for the 10 lights at 995. He is not my competitor. He cant be installing anything high quality. Good quality complonets will cost a contractor much more than that. Call him it has to be a gimick or he isnt spending the time to do a quality job with quality components. He must be upselling it big time. Its like when you see the "$39" brake job signs. The only thing thats getting a 39 buck brake job is grandmas 72 nova

desert night light
05-09-2006, 09:56 PM
Pro-scapes how many lighting jobs have you dun?

05-13-2006, 05:44 PM
Pro-scapes how many lighting jobs have you dun?

Im sure not as many as you. I never claimed to have loads of experience with lighting altho I have spent countless hours studying, reading speaking with more experienced installers and even doing installs side by side with chuck link as well as on my own.

My comments were based on my past marketing experiences and what I have learned from others. It holds true in just about any service you can market. What you have to offer has to be of more value to your clients not the lowest price. Some people will always jump at the lowest price. This is where marketing to the right kind of people plays a role. You have to market to people who are not afraid to spend the money for high end high performance lighting.

I have 8 jobs sold right now to existing landscape clients (still waiting for katrina debris to be removed and walls rebuilt) and i was over twice the price of the other guy. I got them because I showed them the difference in the quality of fixtures and also become they felt confident in the fact I could accompish thier goals. Thats proof I dont need to worry about the 10 lights for 995 guy. In fact there is landscapers here that will install 12 lights for around 600 bucks or less... malibu or similar brands. We also do lawns next door to people who have the local scrubs come do thier yard. You can see the quality difference so im not worried im 3 times his price. You think the corvette dealer is sitting behind his desk sweating the guy up the road selling suzuki's or something ?

Its not about how many lighting jobs anyone has done. Its about knowledge of marketing and being educated in what your particular market will hold. If your marketing to all cookie cutter mid 100k homes I doubt they will pop for one of the high end systems altho some will. Again this is just my opinion. I would reccomend installing low end lighting just to sell a job or 2 more. The call backs will kill you. Trust me years ago I installed several crappy lights. Never again

im sick and on benadryl hope this made sence lol

05-13-2006, 06:39 PM
I think the main thing is that you sell and install a quality product, stand behind it and charge a fair price for what you are offering.

05-14-2006, 10:57 AM
. I would reccomend installing low end lighting just to sell a job or 2 more. The call backs will kill you. Trust me years ago I installed several crappy lights. Never again

Sorry there is a typo in there. I would NOT reccomend installing low end just to sell a few more jobs.

Quality work demands a quality price.

irrigation man
07-12-2006, 05:29 PM
We Sell Cast Lighting In The New England Area And People Are Just Buying It Up Fast And Furious,along The Seacoast Its The Only Fixture That Lasts Any Lenght Of Time,vista And The Rest Just Corrode Into Pieces In A Very Short Time Due To The Salt Air,well Worth The Money Around Here

07-14-2006, 09:40 AM
I think that if you are within 50 miles of the coast, you must use solid bronze,brass or copper fixtures. Many manufacturers now offer these fixtures.