View Full Version : Pump DIED! Need new pump which Viking to Buy?

04-30-2006, 02:22 AM
I Bought a used old viking pump for my gilsonite spray rig & it's not giving me any pressure at all! very little pressure! my father used to do driveways years ago & he says the hose should tightin up once the engine starts to build up pressure & my hose dose nothing, anyway I Called Viking & gave them the serial numbers on it last week & they told me the pump was discontinued in 1969 (WOW) so i think i need a new one,

my question is, which pump do i need for this sort of set up? i went to the viking website & i'm not sure which i need to buy?

is there any place in the northeast to buy one? V.T N.H or Upstate N.Y?