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Hi everyone,

Do you have any good resources for learning the hardscape trade? Books dvds or seminars? Mainly wall building/outdoor fireplaces.....that kind of work. I've done a lot of walks and patios in the past.

I was asked to bid on a neighbors backyard last week. Three retaining walls with steps running up the center. One large patio with a fire pit. I would have loved the job, but I've been out of the hardscape stuff since the early 90's. Did some research and then ended up presenting them with some referrals to other local companies. I knew the job was to much for me to handle at this time. I don't have the man power and the time (with other work) let alone the experience with block retaining walls and steps.

This would be an area I would love to expand with in the future so I'm here looking for some leads on material for learning purposes.


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Well at least you had the brains and the balls of not taking it on. We all get many laughs here of 1 o b's or bull shiters to would of signed a contact this afternoon and made a thread this evening of how to do this project.
If you want to learn the retaining wall business i would recommend contacting some one in your area who sells srw blocks and ask for help. I know many companies offers training seminars stick with a product and to it there way. That way if there is a problem they should work with you but you should not have a failure if done correct. I have also heard of companies going on site to train.

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Check out some of mine, www.bobcatservice33.com

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Thanks Mike and Waltero for the information. Nice web site Mike!