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05-09-2006, 08:59 PM
56778 This is me, "driving" the truck in the driveway in the Blizzard of 2006
56779 This is my partner// husband// bestfriend Steve at Hooters on our break
56780 This Is our Dump Truck, it's old, its beat up.. but has a kick ass sound system.. and we love it... it's a Standard, 1 clutch, seats 3 people, but we've fit 5.

So thats the stuff here's some info about me, and our business

Name: I'm Samantha and I'm 16, I prefer to be called Sam.. I have a few nicknames tho that I have to share: my name for this site is SteminemSquirell.. I'm Squirell. lol, I look scrawny, but I can carry a lot.
My Partner in Crime: Steven, he's a family friend, I'm his "2nd wife" cause I spend sooo much time with him, that his wife (my close friend) decided to name me the 2nd wife... because of that... (and a run in at A&P liquor... we wont go there) So we're best friends basically, we're always together, and I wear his clothes often.. haha... his nickname is Steminem... or Rumplestiltsteve.. depending on my mood.
The Business: Originally we were Greenman Landscaping, with our Partner Jay... sadly, things happend with Jay, that I wont mention here, and we are now just Sam and Steve... So, I decided that we were partners. I'm always making the effort to help him on a job site, so I came to the conclusion that we were a team.
What We Do: We plow in the winter, which is a crazy job, get up at 3am, go out till 7.. or just go out all night and not come home. It's a strength builder, and a relationship builder. I can definately say that we're much closer due to work... I am the comic relief of any situation, and I can be really helpful when it comes to actually doing the work. I pretty much do everything. We also Landscape during the rest of the year, we have some amazing customers, who I've grown fond of... but other than that we are your regular business.. except we make everything we do fun...

Planet Landscaping
05-09-2006, 10:53 PM
Welcome to lawnsite.:dancing:

06-05-2006, 10:33 PM
the blizzard of 06 was one of the only snowstorms we got, what a lousy winter!! welcome to the site