View Full Version : Please help on price for small install

05-17-2006, 10:03 PM
I am looking for some help on pricing a install job I just completed. The job included:1) pulling out two small rose bushes, 2) tilling up and ammending the bed about 12x4, 3) then planting 10 new rose bushes, and 2 small cranberry ornamentals.

The plants were already purchased by the homeowner so no guarantee from me. Usually if I provide the plants I charge 1.5 x my cost of material for labor. So for this job that would have been 10 roses @ $30, plus 2 cranberry #5's @ $50, so about $400 total in plants, so $200 labor for me in planting, plus a little for the prep. I finished everything in about 3 hrs. What is the going rate for this. I ended up billing out $180 so, $60/hr for me.

This client is also an A+ so I felt bad with sticking her with a $250 bill for 3 hrs. What would you'll charge in this scenario? Thanks in advance