View Full Version : Tips on Old Castle block systems?

05-22-2006, 10:44 PM
Iím installing a landscape and am having problems getting this stuff to curve nicely and stay staggered properly, so Iím hoping someone more experienced with this manufactured block can give me a few tips for laying it. I designed and sold the landscape with natural stone, which is what I build my walls with, dry stack or mortar, but a few days before we were to start, the customer wanted to try to reduce the project price by using this manufactured block. The landscape wall looks decent so far, but not the type of work Iíd want to take a picture of and put in a portfolio, and to be honest, I hate to admit itís my work!! lol I just canít keep that crap staggered properly and if you cut it for realignment, it sticks out like sore thumb, and I have a lot of curves in my work, so if anyone can give a little insight, Iíd be very appreciative!!Öand to think I thought itíd be much simpler than natural stone work! TIA