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05-24-2006, 04:35 AM
I have some extras that I haven't needed in a while.
I'll listen to any offers
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Echo 2400 trimmer w/Edgit. It just hangs in the shop because I have a bigger redmax to use everyday. this one starts whenever I pick it up even after sitting a while.

Weedeater trimmer. It's the lightest straight model they made. no gearbox so it spins like a curved shaft. I used for 3 yards for 1 season and it has sat as a backup since then. It does run good when I do get it out.

Echo 2100 hand blower.
Efco handheld blower/Vac
Weedeater handblower.. I just have more blower than I need. I'll probably keep one or two of these but I don't need all of them.

Grounds Wheelie 6 gal push sprayer
it worked fine when I parked it but the hoses might be a little brittle now.
Puts down about 1 gal/ 1000 sqft. nice simple sprayer I just don't use it anymore.

pickup box trailer. Made from a 70's ford 1/2 ton pickup. tool box on the front. trails nice. I would like something heavier duty like one from a 3/4 ton truck or a dump trailer.

old JCpenny 5hp front tine tiller. hasn't run in a while but did a good job when it did.

a couple wheelbarrows

22" Craftsman high wheel push mower. my wifes mower but she never uses it.

That's about it. I can e-mail pictures and details of most of the stuff .
I don't know about shipping but I'm in zip code 68602 if you want to look into it.

07-13-2006, 01:18 AM