View Full Version : Trades anyone ?? Enclosed trailer for Chopper Bike with Title for steet legal use !

08-27-2006, 08:10 AM
Hello members,

was wondering if anyone had an enclosed trailer for trade for chopper bikes,
these are 3/4 scale , auto trans, have some with il. titles , have a red one with a flame thrower kit on it ( shoots 2ft flames ), drag pipes, spark plug sparkies, chrome, billet front ends, drag bars...any how ...I use to build them and sell them and have a few xtra available and can use enclosed trailers...

check out my old website ....at : http://www.minichoppersusa.com these are built here in the u.s. and not foreign throw aways for anyone who is wondering

you can email me direct @ flash.farms@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading this post . :usflag: