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09-05-2006, 12:27 AM
I just hooked up my trailer to move it tonight and noticed that the lights on the right hand side of the trailer no longer work and while i was driving the left side started cutting in and out. could this be a blown fuse or is it a pinched wire someplace? the lights on my truck are fine... last time i checked the lights were working... could the plug be water logged from the storm or something?? thanks for your ideas... im pretty clueless when it comes to this kinda stuff.

09-05-2006, 09:10 AM
Trailers can be a pain especially with the ground. Also spray some Blaster or some kind of elect. spray on a regular basis in both ends of your plugs.

09-05-2006, 10:23 AM
Check your ground. Sometimes on smaller trailer it grounds through the ball and hitch. Sand down the ball and the hitch on the trailer, or drive it around a little. See if that helps anything. When I pull my boat out of storage in the spring, it always has light problems, and this usually cures it.

09-06-2006, 01:44 AM
we took it out today and still no lights... only on the right side... theres no obvious pinched wires or cut wires..ill check out the ground i guess. Thanks for the help! i truly appreciate it Thank you!

09-06-2006, 11:36 PM
still no lights. im going to grind the ball down and try doing the same to the hitch on the trailer. all i got out of trying today was the other side flickering on and off.

09-06-2006, 11:55 PM
I had a similar problem with my trailer. The problem was that i blew a fuse in my truck. I brought my trailer back to where I bought it and the changed the fuse for free. They were great about it...CAMP OUT in NJ. Since the change I haven't had a prob...which was about 10 months ago.

09-07-2006, 01:36 AM
If your wiring is all good, then it's a couple of things:

1. Bad ground
2. Fuses on the truck (this sounds like your problem)

Check the fuse box on your truck, chances are there's something blown.

09-07-2006, 02:19 AM
Yea fuses on a newer truck are seperate from the trailer also check inside the plugs on both trailer and truck could have pulled out wire

09-07-2006, 09:08 AM
ok thanks everyone! ill check the fuses today.

09-08-2006, 02:13 AM
ok found some wires that the chains pinched and severed. i reconnected them all just they was they were. Now the lights work. but when brakes are applied theres no change in trailer lights. signals still do not work on both sides.

09-08-2006, 03:39 AM
more ideas will be so gratefully appreciated!

09-08-2006, 10:57 AM
What about fuses ? and did you check wires inside the plug ? The turn signal and break lites are on the same cirkit ? take a test light and check to see if turn signals work at the truck plug. I have 4 trailers and 2 trucks some times wirs get pulled out in weeds let us know if this works:waving:

09-08-2006, 02:23 PM
i took the plug apart. all the wires were fine. i went under it last night all wires are fine. i just didnt think it could be fuses because we had the left blinker working but the right wasnt. and now we have neither. im going over my buddys house and were gonna check all the fuses and test the hitch and all that too... i appreciate everyones help. everyone keeps suggesting Fuses so im hoping its that! but thanks again everyone!

09-08-2006, 02:38 PM
If you have an electric tester, meter or test light. Check the connection at the tow vehicle. Then the lights on the trailer. Might save a bit a chasing.

09-08-2006, 03:15 PM
CONVERTER (for towing wiring) that hook up on your truck bumper area. This thing is a mystery all the time. I had brake light on right side of trailer not coming when applying brake, replacing bulbs at no avail, even no light when turning on every light. Rechecked the whole wiring of trailer, none found bad. Spent like 6 hours from place to place looking for the problem till one guy from old trailer shop decided to check converter, which is the culprit.
Your problem might be different but you should have it looked and tested. Normally converter goes bad every 2 years or less, sound like battery but it is true.

09-08-2006, 04:07 PM
Thats right about converter. I had to change one this spring on my power stroke , trailer breaks were doing weird stuff .:clapping: I have had fuses blow wile tring to corect problem too

09-08-2006, 06:30 PM
well. i never saw the trailer fuses before... they are in a cluster of fuses on the side of my dash. so one was blown replaced it, and now when i put my left signal on... my hazards go on, on the trailer. im going to have to check the wires again. i shouldve listened to that commercial on TLC... "know when to not do it yourself" the one with the circular saw... yea. oh well thanks for you help everyone. !

09-08-2006, 07:52 PM
check the harness itself thats connected onto the truck sometimes depending on how old the harness is .. it could be weak and have a short in the harness .... btw fuses have nothing to do with it .... if there are no fuses theres no lights period ... just my .002

09-08-2006, 09:49 PM
I would still really check the ground. I had the same problem. When I put my brakes on, the hazzard would go on. The left signal would put the brake lights on and there was nothing with the right signal. I re-did the ground and it worked fine.

09-08-2006, 10:19 PM
My flat bed trailer has to have a derect ground , when i first got it was acting almost backwards to what it was sapose to be. I tried every thing , than i seen the derect ground wire un hooked . 6 hours later I had every thing working. So good luck raven:clapping:

09-09-2006, 01:19 AM
:confused: i got everything working... except theres no running lights on the left side of the trailer. brakes and signals work perfectly.:confused:

09-09-2006, 06:18 PM
ok this one easy , if you got running lights on one side but not the other . the problem is under neath were the wire crosses over from one side to the other , more than likely its on the front if this is a low trailer . take a cirkit tester find your tail light wire at the trailer plug, trace it till it forks and goes to the left . duoble check this connection , some times they look good when there not .