View Full Version : Power Equipment Warehouse's Echo Backpack Blower Giveaway Winner

09-11-2006, 05:00 PM
Now for the moment you been waiting for……..the big announcement!!! The winner of Power Equipment Warehouse's Echo PB751 Backpack blower giveaway is: Austin Larsh of Clean Cut Lawn Service!!! Lawnsite member name ALarsh.:clapping:

Austin’s blower is already on the big brown truck and on the way to his location (tracking number 1Z4934900343924238). Congratulations Austin, I hope you can put the blower to good use during the upcoming leaf season.:)

Thanks to all of the members for entering, we are not done with the giveaways yet, so your chance to win will be just around the corner. Don't forget to check out the rest of the website and see what we have to offer and of course, feel free to place an order, we always appreciate your business.:angel:

The next contest begins NOW. A Elvex Com-260 headset radio is up for grabs. :headphones:

To enter the contest, simply visit http://www.powerequipmentwarehouse.com.

At the top of the page on the right side, type the word Lawnsite in
the parts search box. Click on the magnifying glass and select the entry
form that comes up. Purchase this item, (there is no charge) and proceed
through checkout. Select the “Cash on Delivery” option and complete the
sale. Now you are entered, simple as that!!! Feel free to purchase
anything else you need – but NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED.

One entry per member please; the contest ends at 10.00PM , Saturday,
September 16th, 2006. We will announce the winner on Monday, September
18th at 4:00PM EST. Good luck, and thanks for your support…..Mike:usflag:

09-11-2006, 05:04 PM
Wow congrat's ALarsh! Wonder how I missed this contest?