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09-11-2006, 07:15 PM
got a call yesterday from a guy wanting me to cut his grass. so i stop by his house today and talk to him, he tells me his previous lawn boy "got sick" and he was waiting for him to get better, but he hasent so hes decided to call me to have me cut it.

the grass was a little long, not by any means crazy. he asks me if i'm going to bag it, and i say no.....he looks at me kind of funny and for a minute or two hes tellin me i should be bagging it...i finaly convince him that its going to look fine, and he says "ok go at it"

so i came home, got my mower and go back.....i cut and trimmed the entire lawn in 45 mins, and the guy is very happy. hes also a potential plowing customer too.

this guy was about 80, and he told me the previous lawnboy used a pushmower, so i'm guessing it was a friend....i hope the old lawnboy gets better, but i also hope i can keep this customer, hes about a mile from my house and he would most likely be a full service customer....plus that extra $200 a month would be nice.

09-18-2006, 07:07 PM
i'm starting to think that the previous lawnboy isnt sick....well, maby sick of him.

i now can see it in his eyes that hes most likely going to become a pita.

i side discharge....i dont bag, my price was for side discharge only.

he asks me "what are you going to do about the leaves?"

i said "i can bag it the last cut of the year"

nothing set in stone or anything....that last cut with bagging, isnt going to be normal price.....regardless, by that time, its going to be a full leaf cleanup.

should i be picking up these leafs?? or should i only be concerened with cutting the GRASS??

09-18-2006, 07:19 PM
If you guys just agreed on lawn mowing, then leaves arent a part of that. If he wants the leaves cleaned up, charge him.

"what are YOU going to do about the leaves" We'll sir, i'm going to continue to run them over unless you want to pay me to clean them up! :laugh:

10-03-2006, 10:05 PM
all of a sudden the old lawn boy's health is improving!!

he tells me that the old (sick) lawnboy is getting better, and might continue sometime in the near future, but he wants me to keep cutting it until he shows up.

fine with me, i go by this guys house everyday anyways, no problem keepin an eye on it. i'm sure glad i didnt do this guy any favors....i'm just gonna keep playin him and collecing my 50 dollar checks for 40 mins worth of work as long as i can.