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PerfiCut L&L
09-22-2006, 10:06 AM
I have not worked with the creta or min creta wall stones and was wondering with their pinless system, how are these stones in creating curves? I am considering using the mini creta for a circular patio approximately 12'' diameter. Will be creating a wall roughly 24" tall.

Any help or suggestions you can give are greatly appreciated.

09-22-2006, 06:59 PM
We just did one of these, does your wall need to be double faced? If not look at other lines we just did a 16 ft circle with mini creta, and mini creta plus. Expect lots and lots of cuts also expect lots of waste as the vertical pieces in this line are difficult to use in a radius, unless as we did you double cut each one and use it as a regular piece. We spent close to 2 days making cuts on this wall also 24" with cap. Also expect to use a fair amount of glue as even though it's pinless there are interlocking "blocks" that are to be laid in between courses and at joints, and sometimes they just don't fit. I imagine it'll only be worse for you sine you are going to be working with a smaller radius. Also as far as our techo rep says you can't order only one size(there are 4 including the vertical ones. If you could get smalls and mediums without the larges(re: waste or cuts) making these tight radius walls would be considerably easier

Pavers Plus
09-22-2006, 11:00 PM
Conact us at 301.473.9755 and we'll be glad to talk to you about the different Techo-Bloc products and how they work. We are a distributor of their product. curves shouldn't be a problem at all. Also, all the sizes are on one pallet, so you can use the angled blocks for the wall and the straight edged block for the ends (when you split them).

I am also in the midst of my own patio project at my house. It's about 800sf of 3 levels of patios and about 300sf of techo-bloc mini-creta plus (80% 6" block and 20% 3" block). Part of the wall is double sided on the raised patio area.

I did not run short on material for either the pavers or walls. Had much less waste than I was used to having with other manufactures materials I'd used in the past. Yes, you will need to have lots of cuts on a double sided seating wall, but that's with all products. I didn't have any broken pieces of wall block on any pallet. I didn't even break any block when setting the first course with a hammer & a 8" hand tamper (I actually broke 2 hand tampers on the wall blocks). Also, the heights of the block were nearly perfect between 3" and 6" blocks, so mixing didn't complicate anything.

If you are doing single sided wall, you want have to worry about any cutting of wall block, except maybe at the ends (where you'd split the block) or but to a pillar.

Honestly, let me know if you have any questions and we'll be glad to assist you.

DVS Hardscaper
09-23-2006, 09:28 AM
Perficut -

The creta is more or less no different than any other block in terms of doing radiuses.

The biggest aspect of Techo's wall systems is to remember to have the round dimple (that is molded into the block) facing up as you set the block. Also, on the block you'll see that there are TWO rows for placing the plastic bars into place. The bars do not go into both rows, they are to be placed into only 1 of either row.

More than likely you'll have cutting to do (with the radius).

And we usually do NOT rely on the manufacturer supplied plastic bars to keep radiuses in place. So we glue them; which is the case with many brands of wall block (except for Celtik, due to their behind the block pinning system).

09-23-2006, 11:57 AM
To be fair overall QC on the product was exeptional. We do most our work with techo products and I like them over all others. This was our first use of mini-creta and had input from the rep beforehand, I sound a touch sour since we got a bit too much misinformation.

09-23-2006, 02:10 PM
Hopefully I will cover all I am trying to say in this one last post, I may have been a bit vague above. Before choosing this product we spoke to our rep, not sales at our distributor but our techo factory rep. I don't mind hearing I'm not sure I'll get back to you, but to get an answer right off and have it be wrong is a problem. We used 18 pallets of this product, when looking at the first one we opened we discovered the vertical pieces, we were not told they were there, they were not mentioned in the literature and they were not in any photos. The end pieces were expected, and planned for, if you don't have openings to use them you can butt the straight faces together(in a straight run) and glue, this was not an issue, we had approx 90 ft. of striaght wall. Like I said above we try to use techo products whenever possible, their quality is second to none, in 18 pallets of block and 12 pallets of pavers(Elana,Rotundo and Hera) we had 2 broken pavers and one broken block off the pallets(block was a 3"). We had 0 occurance of "off size, off color, or deformed material. I am sure some of the blame goes to us for not performing our due diligence when using a new product, double faced walls offer unique challenges, if we had been better prepared(perhaps a saw to cut these block in one pass) our times would not have suffered so much. I still think if they offered full or half pallets of a specific size along with the regular mixed pallets it would increase production times and therefore make the product even more attractive, other manufacturers(CST) offers this in some of their line and since we try to use large sizes in our base course when possible it just makes things easier. Again I hope no one took my comments as bashing techo, as that was not my intention. But be sure of what you are selling people and be sure you did your homework. We would use this product again in a minute since the finished product is exeptional looking and the customer absolutely loves it, and really thats what it's all about. We have already gotten referrals from this job, we made money even though we ran over our time projections considerably, and we learned something, all and all not a bad deal.

PerfiCut L&L
09-24-2006, 11:35 AM
Our use for the mini creta is to build up the elevation at one end of the yard approximately 18". as well as to create a half circle step under the slider. Since we have never used these stones before, I was unsure of their locking mechanisn and how well it works in a radius. We will be using the single sided stones. This patio will be 2 levels. the first being the round, the other being of rectangular shaped with rounded corners. I will try to post a pic of the design.

Based on a previous post, we will plan to glue all the coarses. In the past we only glued the top two or three depending the size stones, as long as they used pins to lock.

Can someone elaberate on the various sizes that come in a pallet of these stones?

Also, whats the recommended way for cutting these stones? wet saw, or splitter?

PerfiCut L&L
09-24-2006, 11:50 AM
Attempting to post pic of design. Sorry for the size. High resolution for customer. Now that I know how to post these, next time Ill try to shrink the images.

For the most part the design is to scale. However, the grade is not. I will be going out today to survey the property again, for more accurate grade measurements. The highest part of the wall will be approximate 18"-22"


09-24-2006, 12:18 PM
We used demo saws. You will not have the issues we did with a single face wall as you can have gaps in the rear. Check the techo site for specific sizes per pallet, if not there ask your supplier.

Pavers Plus
09-25-2006, 02:26 PM

*this is the spec for Mini-creta plus, since single sided mini-creta has been discontinued, though some suppliers still have some inventory and Techo-Bloc still has some as well.

Old mini-creta will be simliar to the Creta spec, except that min-creta is 3" vs. 5" for creta ( http://www.techo-bloc.com/contractors/displayImage.php?imageId=944 )

hope this helps

05-23-2010, 09:08 AM
Techo mini creta 3inch can do a 7 ft radius using all the blocks with no cutting... if u go smaller u cut all the corner blocks and the mid striate ones.... i love techo so i am techo pro and only use there products