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06-09-2001, 02:11 AM
By request of Mr. Ziffel.

Qty. Make Model
11 Excel Hustler 400/440/4500/4600 Rangewings
Rotary mowers. Age 2 to 14 years. Units cover alot of
ground. Mulching kits draw too much HP from unit.
Engines reliable. Rangewing frame mounts have to be
reinforced. Hydrostats, wheel motors, hydro deck motors
on rangewing expensive!!!! Seal kit for deck motors

2 Excel Hustler 400 Bac-Vacs
Rotary mowers with grass catcher. Age 11 years. Grass
plugs tube and blower if really damp.

4 Toro Reelmaster 216 triplexs
Reel mowers used for trimming. Age 13 & 14 years. Too
slow!!! Pain to work on!

0 Toro Super Pro triplex reel mowers.
Retired. Parts to hard to get some discontinued. Had
to fabricate parts occasionally. Mow at warp speed,
nothing comes close. Had 21 units as front line
trimmers until 1998.

9 John Deere 2653A triplex reel mowers
Reel mowers used for trimming. 2 year warranty complete
unit. Great machines. Out perform Toro 2400? at demo.
Toro unit stalled trying to keep up with JD mowing up a

6 Toro 335D/3500D triplex mowers
Reel mowers. Age 7 to 10 years. Good units. Peugot
engine parts expensive. Toro no long makes unit like
this. All three reels work indepent of each other and
the left and right reels fold up 90 degrees to allow
access to tight places.

3 Steiner 2X4 Turf Unit with reels or rotary decks.
Age 12 years. New distributor $850.00! Units are good
backups, a bit slow. Reel design very poor. Rotary
deck good. Belt drive pto system is so so.

1 Jacobsen HR-15 rotary decks, have run flail decks
16 foot mowing width, cover ground fast. Would buy more
of these units if still available. Age 14 years. Unit
rolled once and still runs strong.

3 Toro 322D/325D 72" Rotary
Crappy power train, rubber disks used on drive shaft.
Rear axle problems on rough terrain. Used at cemetery,
life span 4 to 5 years. One unit has a Protrim attachment
to trim head stones.

1 Toro 223D 52" rotary
drive train worse than 325D. When the rubber disks go the
drive shaft damages other components.

1 Toro 455D 126" rotary
Age 2 years. Unit seem to be a good unit. I personally
don't care for all the component on the deck. Deck ends
fold up.

1 Jacobsen Turfcat T528D 96"? rotary 4WD
Age 2 years. A fair amount of warranty work. Great traction
on hill sides. Seem to be of lighter construction compared
with Toro units. Had spindle shaft on the motor mount on the
rear axle last week. Unit mows at the cemetery.

3 Jacobsen Turfcat T422D with 60" flails
Age ?. Used as a trimmer for renovation. Good units.
Lacking HP for running flails with 0" ground clearence.

2 Toro 345 with 60" flails
Age ? Found out parts are hard to get for the Continetal
engine. Have been good units.

1 Toro 345 with 72" side discharge
Age ? Used for mowing weeds in small areas.

1 Yazoo 20HP 72" side discharge
Age 7 years. Used for weed abatement in small areas.

4 Olathe 48 sweepers
Ready for retirement. One unit has a top dresser attachment
that is use on a frisbee golf area. Chain drive axles out-
dated. Engines are tired.

5 Olathe 48HL sweepers
Units are about 12 years old. Rough riding, no suspension.
Good units. Onan engines last.

7 Toro Rac-O-Vac sweepers
Age 1 to ? Great units. Cover large areas. New units are
refitted to be towed on the road. Convert to a 2" ball hitch,
31x10.50R15 M/S tires and rims, tail lights, and license

1 Ryan GA30 Aerator
Age ?. Good ride on unit for small areas. Needs a lock
to hold up tines when in storage.

1 Toro 880 Aerator
Age 5 years. Good unit in really small areas.

8 Alamo Flail mowers, tractor mounted 3pt
Age ? Used for renovation. Straight and hook knivies. Run
subsurface. Covers large areas fast.

3 Woods B106 rotary brush mowers, 3pt tractor mount
Great heavy duty brush mowers. Used for weed abatement.

9 Herd 1200C Fertilizer spreaders, 3pt tractor mount
Good units. Would perfer stainless steel hoppers. Problems
will corrosion if not cleaned out well.

4 Olathe 1660HL sweepers, tractor tow behind
3 units PTO driven, 1 unit with engine. Great units for
large areas when renovating. Large hoppers that lift 10'+ to
dump in 9' high side dump trucks. No longer available. No
one makes anything that lifts that high. Will build new units
from scratch when the time comes.

This is more less all of our heavy turf equipment. We also have equipment for baseball infield maintenence, digging, trenching, tree maintenence, trailers, and etc.
Our crews also has units that are owned and maintained by Equipment Division, due to the initial purchase price. These include

6 or 8 Toro 450D/4500D 5 gang reel mowers
Covers areas fast. Good units.

7 or 8 Ransomes Mark 5? 7 gang reel mowers, tractor mounted
Covers large areas fast. Huge 10" 8 blade reels. Usually
about 2 outrigger arms a year(clipping trees and fences).
The reels are the English version, not the American version;
ergo part lead times tend to be long(sometimes 2 months).
Gearbox on reels don't hold up to impacts(tent stakes). When
these come up for replacement, there has been discussion
about replacing them with 5 gang units.

Trucks vary in size. New ones are Fords: F150, F250, F350. Will be getting an F450 for a shop truck. Also Frieghtliners to tow the 7 gang units.

Trailers are Ziemans, built to our specs and needs. Also have Walton trailers.

Like I said earlier, this is our heavy turf equipment. This does not include irrigation, pesticide application, playground maintenence, tree maintenence, and other types of equipment used and owned by our division. My shop also occassionally work on other equipment owned by other units and divisions which include scooters, lawn tractors, pumps for pools and fountains to name a few.

Jason Pallas
06-09-2001, 10:54 AM
Holy crap! When I first started reading this list I thought it was for a privately owned company! With 450 residential accounts here in the Detroit area, all of a sudden I started to feel real small (almost like the 17 year kid I once was - mowing lawns out of the trunk of a 1972 Buick Century with a Craftsman mower). I was relieved to see it was for the City of San Diego. That's a lot of heavy duty equipment.

06-11-2001, 01:18 PM
Clay, thanks for your extensive list of equipment. Most of it sounds too big for most of us on this forum but your experience and knowledge of this type of machinery should be invaluable. Thanks for sharing with us. Will M>

11-01-2003, 07:43 PM
Thanks for the tip. you were right on the money about my hydralic problem. I am thanking you for your time to help me out! dlc

03-12-2008, 10:48 AM
The Olathe 48HL is still manufactured by Toro, if you have a part number you should be able to order thru Toro. Some parts on the older machines have been disconitinued, but I believe the pumps are basically the same. If you do not have a parts manual, post another reply with model and serial number and I can check our manuals for you.

Another option would be contacting a local company that specializes in hydraulic pump and motor repairs, as they may be able to get parts or rebuild the pump for you.

We have not had any major issues with our pumps, but have had to upgrade the engine since the Onan engine model that fit the unit are no longer available. We upgraded 3 units to Kohler CH27s I believe. Part of that upgrade required us to fabricate new flywheel adapters to bolt up to the pump.

04-20-2009, 03:39 PM
I would like a contact number for the 4-Olathe 48 Sweepers.

Thank you for your time,
D & K Outside Maintenance

04-20-2009, 04:02 PM
Here's a link to the dealer locator for Toro.


Link to their newest version of the unit.


Another sweeper similar to theirs is the Smithco 48 which has some suspension which help the ride.


or Harper's


04-20-2009, 04:05 PM
I'm looking for a rearend, axle drive for an old Olathe sweeper 48.

Thank you,
D & K Outside Maintenance

04-20-2009, 04:10 PM
Those have been discontinued for quite awhile. Your only option is to find a used one or repair the axle the best you can depending on how bad it is. Even a used axle if you find one will need some work more than likely.