View Full Version : How many Walk Behind Blowers?

10-22-2006, 05:08 PM
How many Walk Behind Blowers do you guys use during Fall Clean Ups on each job?

10-23-2006, 08:58 PM
2 to 3 depending on the job.

10-23-2006, 09:42 PM
1 walk behind blower
1 back pack
1 vac on ztr
1 guy on truck and vac

sometimes we wont have a guy of the truck vac and well take turns doing it

10-26-2006, 09:59 AM
We just got our 1st - a billy goat Force 13hp

11-23-2006, 09:44 PM
We just got our 1st - a billy goat Force 13hp

What do you think about it compaired to the money you spent?

11-24-2006, 07:41 AM
Depends on the job...sometimes up to 3 with backpacks as well.

LawnScapers of Dayton
11-24-2006, 08:03 AM
what about "none"

11-24-2006, 09:28 AM
1- 10hp Little Wonder
2- Echo Back pack blowers

11-24-2006, 01:59 PM
one 8horse little wonder

two echo pb751

one big tarp

some garbage cans

one 16horse little wonder truck loader


01-04-2007, 03:39 PM
Just have 2 Echo PB403 back pack blowers now but thinking about buying a billy goat.

01-04-2007, 09:52 PM
I like the back pack better, I find the walk behind to be cumbersome and cant use it everywhere

01-05-2007, 01:56 AM
I'm solo, one is all I can handle.

10hp Intek Billygoat.
Br-550 Backpack and Bg-55 handheld (yes, simultaneously anymore).
Br-420 as a backup.
A rake and a tarp lol.

I think this year I'll check out the Br-600 thou, it apparently has a LOT more cfm than the 550.

01-05-2007, 06:07 PM
We actually sold the two walk-behind blowers we had and bought a couple more backpack blowers. It seemed more efficient to blow the leaves into piles, tarp them and drag them. The bigger backpack blowers(Shindaiwa 8510 & Redmax7001 & larger) seem to be nearly as powerful with alot more control.

BC Landscaping
09-19-2007, 10:20 PM
1- 8hp Little Wonder
3- back pack blowers
1- handheld blower