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10-26-2006, 11:48 PM
My primary dealer is full of isshhh......These are the 2006 close out specials.....I could be wrong....but I have purchased for muuuccchhh less then these sales prices.....what are you guys paying???

2006 Model Year-End Closeout Model Description Power Price

FST18HON52A Hustler FasTrak 52" 18hp Hon Z-Rider $5099.99

FST16HON36A Hustler Mini FasTrak 36" 16hp Hon Z-Rider $4199.99

FST17KOH42A Hustler Mini FasTrak 42" 17hp Koh Z-Rider $3999.99

SZ27KOH60XR7SSA Hustler Super Z 60" XR7 27hp Koh Z-Rider $8699.99

HZ25KAW60SSA Hustler Z 60" 25 Kaw Z-Rider $8499.99

SWZU36A-15KA Scag 36" 15 hp Kaw Hydro Floating Walk Behind $5299.99

SW36A-15KH Scag 36" 15 hp Koh Walk Behind $2899.99

SWZ36A-16KAI Scag 36" 16 hp Kaw Hydro Walk Behind $4699.99

SW48A-17KA Scag 48" 17hp Kaw Walk Behind $3199.99

STC48V-23CV Scag Tiger Cub 48" 23hp Z-Rider $7499.99

STT52V-27CH Scag Turf Tiger 52" 27hp Koh Z-Rider $9199.99

SZC36A-16HN Scag Z Cat 36" 16hp Honda Z-Rider $5999.99

SZC36A-16HN Scag Z Cat 36" 16hp Honda Z-Rider $5999.99

CP216019KWV Snapper 21" 6.0hp Kaw Mower $799.99

LT18535 Snapper 38" 18.5hp B&S Tractor $1999.99

RZT20420BVE2 Snapper 42" 20hp B&S Z-Rider $3299.99

F-781H Trenchmaster $2499.99

MCGHS-9.5 Walker Model C 18hp Koh Bagging Z-Rider $8799.99

MDDGHS-9.5 Walker Model D 20.9hp Kubota Bagging Z-Rider $12399.99

MSGHS Walker Model S 13hp Kaw Bagging Z-Rider $7799.99

MTGHS-9.5 Walker Model T 20hp Koh Bagging Z-Rider $9599.99

MTGHS26-9.5 Walker Model T 26hp Koh EFI Bagging Z-Rider $10599.99

MW Walker Model W 15hp Kaw Walk Behind $4999.99

Huge Savings!!! Don't Miss Out!!!

10-26-2006, 11:55 PM
Those don't sound like deals to me. My Scag dealer had a SWZ hydro walkbehind 36/ 15 Kawasaki new that he sold for $3800.

10-27-2006, 06:35 AM

10-27-2006, 06:19 PM
We were just priced a STT52V-27CH Scag Turf Tiger 52" 27hp Koh Z-Rider for $8000.

10-27-2006, 07:40 PM
A guy I know bought a Scag Tiger Cub for around 6k but it had the 19kawi. but it included a double bagger system.

10-27-2006, 11:53 PM
Yeah those guys are screwing us over....and the bad thing is, they are one of the biggest and best in my area.....but luckily there is another smaller...way smaller dealer that carries Scag, and are about making deals, and I like the personal treatment I get from them as well......but they have Redmax instead of stihl and I am a Orangeman all the way....I know they get plenty of business so losing my few dollars a week wont even be missed.....