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06-22-2001, 08:44 AM
I have tried the search option to no avail.
What mil of plastic do you use to line under rocks when you are going to completely rock a yard? I have 6 and 10 mil readily available to me. Are either of those sufficient or do I need to order a thicker mil?

06-22-2001, 06:16 PM
I have never heard of using plastic under rocks. What are you trying to accomplish by this measure ?

Jim L

06-22-2001, 07:37 PM
If I am going to use a barrier under rocks, I use a porous, black landscape fabric. Do not use clear plastic. Weeds will grow under it. Also, use a porous material so that water doesn't just run off of the whole property, creating new problems.
Also, if you search 'landscape fabric' you will find 15 threads. Hope this helps.

06-22-2001, 10:44 PM

What do you mean by " rock the yard" ? Do you mean a rock garden effect or placing stone instead of turf ?

Jim L

06-23-2001, 09:04 AM
I will be taking out the existing turf about 5 inches deep and putting landscape stone into the area. I have not done this before so am unsure of what to line the stones with. The lawn area to be removed is on about a 6 degree slope so I had thought about lining it with 10 mil black plastic and installing a drain near the bottom to allow water to run off.
All of those threads talk about mulched and rocked beds, not rocked lawns.

06-23-2001, 10:54 AM
You definatly want a permiable barrier. I would go with a Geotextile Fabric.

I would use the guidelines Paul set for placing boulders arround a slope using TRM. See the post " Placing Rocks Arround Pond Inlet ". I have not personally used TRM but it is probably cost competitive with a 10 mil liner. I believe Paul provided a link to a supplier.

Good Luck,
Jim L

Mike Nolting
07-16-2001, 04:07 PM
I posted a question today that goes along this same topic. I am wondering if anyone has used a RockVac to remove landscape rock? The job I am looking at has about 10 yards of rock that I can not get at with a BobCat. The fabric (in this case it was plastic) that was underneath the rock has given way to unwanted weeds. I have to bid this job and was hoping to find more out about the RockVac, I did visit there web site, www.rockvac.com , but was hoping to talk to someone who has used it. The machine claims to be able to fill a wheel barrow full in less tha a minute!