View Full Version : Prospecting for new work

Andrew S
06-26-2001, 05:29 AM
Hi, I am from Western Australia and would like to know how you guys prospect for new work.I figure that if you have any ideas I can gain a edge over my competitors locally.if you don't want to post them here please send to my email stambo@bigpond.com
thanks Andrew

06-26-2001, 07:33 AM
Morning Andrew, nothing sells like a good well crafted question. Been in sales for 10 years- we are doing the same thing everyone else is doing in the service based industry: we are discovering problems and offering solutions. "Are you completely happy with the service you are recieving currently?" Is there anything you would like to change,if you could, on how your lawn/property is done?" "Is having your lawn done before you get home from work important to you?" "Why?" And so on... Don't know anybody who does not like to talk about their property- we are there to listen (closely) and close the deal when we hear the opening ... like "Well how 'bout giving me a try?" "It would be my pleasure to handle this for you".