View Full Version : Holiday Give-Away From Power Equipment Warehouse

Michael J. Donovan
12-17-2006, 02:21 AM
A Holiday Give-away, Free Tools from Power Equipment Warehouse and Master Mechanic!!

At Power Equipment Warehouse, Lawnsite members are becoming our most loyal customers. We appreciate your business and support during the past year and have decided to say Thanks and Happy Holidays in our typical fashion. Power Equipment Warehouse is once again giving away FREE “Stuff”. This
time win a 132 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set! Now, no more excuses when someone needs a tool to make a repair on the jobsite.

To enter our contest, simply visit http://www.powerequipmentwarehouse.com.

At the top of the page on the right side, type the word Lawnsite in
the parts search box. Click on the magnifying glass and select the entry
form that comes up. Purchase this item, (there is no charge) and proceed
through checkout. Select the “Cash on Delivery” option and complete the
sale. Now you are entered, simple as that!!! Feel free to purchase
anything else you need – but NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED.
Please add your Lawnsite member name to the comment section of your entry form.

One entry per member please; the contest ends at 4:.00PM EST, Saturday,
December 23, 2006. We will announce the winner on Tuesday, December
26 at 4:00PM EST. Good luck, and have a safe and happy Holiday Season!! Jay and Mike

12-17-2006, 02:36 AM
Just to let you know it is a 92 piece toolset, according to their entry form.:)

12-17-2006, 12:55 PM
Thanks Mike for pointing out my error. When I was inputting the information I somehow had it in my head that it was a 92 piece set; (even though it was on the counter next to my desk...and all I needed to do was look over....). I corrected the item at power equipment warehouse (http://www.powerequipmentwarehouse.com) and apologize for any misunderstanding. It must be the visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.......Mike:o

12-23-2006, 06:46 PM
A great big thanks to all of you who entered our fabulous holiday tool set giveaway contest that ends today; I hope you took the time to explore our website while you were signing up for the drawing. We truly appreciate our special Lawnsite customers and send another huge THANK YOU for all the orders we have received this year. Our extensive lineup of equipment, parts, and accessories is waiting for you and your lawn care needs, so don’t delay, come visit us today at http://www.powerequipmentwarehouse.com. Now cross your fingers, because we will be announcing the lucky winner of the Master Mechanic 132 piece tool Set on Tuesday, December 26,………….Happy Holidays and Good luck all! Jay

12-24-2006, 01:54 AM
i hope i wasnt too late! it went through..i just finished 1 min ago

12-26-2006, 04:54 PM
A drum roll please…………….the lucky winner of the Master Mechanic Tool Set from Power Equipment Warehouse is……..Kate Butler. Congratulations Kate!

Kate’s Tools are on their way, the big brown truck, tracking #1z4934900342530736 will be delivering them just in time for some off season maintenance. Put them to work getting your equipment ready to “rock & roll” this coming year!

All of us at Power Equipment Warehouse want to thank everyone who entered our contest. As always, thank you to our customers for your patronage this past year and to all our friends at Lawnsite. Let’s all have a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year!

12-26-2006, 10:35 PM
Congratulations Kate!!!

12-27-2006, 12:45 PM
Congrats Kate. :) It's nice to see a long time member of Lawnsite win something so nice.
And thanks to PowerEquipmentWarehouse for being so generous giving all of us a great chance to win some free tools. :clapping: