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12-26-2006, 08:07 PM
I look forward to your inptu on this one. This is my first post, but I have been studying the site for the past 6 Months.

I am purchasing a hooklift this week and have been debating the cab & chassis mostly thinking of a 25,500 chassis or below CDL. But for overhead/businees reasons i have decided to go with a 19,500GVW so I can drive the vehicle home at night. I think that driving home a F550 looking pick-up style truck will go over better and keep the complaints to the city down.

My concern is the threads on this site in regards to the Ford 6.0 engine and tranny problems. Manny have posted really negative feedback?

The other options being considered are the GMC W5500HD cabover, the Ford LCF cabover, the GM C5500.

The bottom line is that the F550 allows me to be more discreet since it looks like a pick-up but am I makinking a mistake with the current 6.0 set-up?

Ps. I don't have time to wait until the 2008 Ford 6.4 is released

12-26-2006, 08:25 PM
There have been some problems with the 6.0....but the majority were from the early 2003's. As of now, I think you should be safe. I have a 2004 6.0; manufacture date of 06/2004 and have had no problems with the motor or tranny. Most of the problems were prior to that date, and believe me, I was hesitant at first too. But if you do decide to purchase a 6.0, you will find it to be a very powerful, stout, economical diesel engine. Also, you would be alot safer with a 6.0 than the new 6.4. The 6.4 is brand new, and will probably have a few problems where the 6.0 shouldnt have any. Good luck in your truck shopping! :waving:

12-26-2006, 08:39 PM
The ford is a good truck but i would be afraid of the 6.0L, some of them are ok but if you dont get a good one your in trouble. Injectors and turbos are the big things that give trouble on them. Id go with a chevy/gmc 3500 or dodge 3500 cab and chassis. Or the old 7.3l ford is a reliable engine.

12-26-2006, 08:42 PM
I have an 2004 6.0 F-250. Best truck I ever had.

12-26-2006, 10:46 PM
Don't take this wrong but how serious are you about your business? If you are purchasing a hooklift that is twice the price of a Switch-N-Go then I assume you can afford to pay a few dollars to park somewhere? Do you have streets that are zoned and allow commercial vehicals?

I don't know how things work exactly up there............even if you can not afford to rent a place, how about getting the SNG system. You then could use the saved money (about $9,000 US) to put towards renting a parking spot. Then you would not be restricted and could then get a 26,000 GVW truck..........then you would have the truck you really need since the only reason I see you are not going with what you originally wanted was due to complaints.

SNG.......20,000lbs dumping capability and 15,000lbs winch lift capability.

Don't hold yourself back over stupid politics.

12-26-2006, 11:17 PM
I have an '05 6.0 with almost 49K miles so far, and it still runs and pulls like the day I pulled it off the lot. During the summer months, on weekends, I pull a 36' 5th wheel with it also (13K - 14K lbs), and it pulls it like a dream.

Like others have said, most of the problems were in the early production years. I wouldn't buy an early production 6.4 either for the same reasons.

When it comes to a work horse for a truck (of the Big 3 anyway) ... in my opinion Ford is your best bet.


Total Landscape Solutions
12-27-2006, 12:38 AM
Be sure to do your math and figure your maximum load after the up-fit. This is what made me decide against the hook-lift. With a GVW of 19000lbs, after the up-fit your load capacity is less than a regular dump body.

- 8500lb wet truck weight
- 2200lb hook-lift
- 1500lb dumpster
6800 lb max. load

Just over 3 tons. If that's enough for you go for it. Of course the numbers will vary slightly based on the size of lift and type of dumpster, but you get the idea. I definitely see the advantages of the system, I personally have never used one.
I decided I needed a bit more load capacity and had my truck built like in sig. I should end up about 4.5 tons max. load.
Of course this is all the "legal limits," the trucks will handle a bit more.

Gravel Rat
12-27-2006, 03:54 AM
If you signature is right and your from B.C. what in the h*ll are you worried about CDL for you can drive any single axle with a gvw up to 35,000lbs without any problems. I assume you live in Vancouver if so your SOL about parking a 19,000lb gvw F-550 on the street your going to be nailed. The max sized truck is 5500kgs (12,000lbs).

As for the 6.0 I wouldn't be too worried about it the newer ones are more reliable the only ones I know that had problems here are the 03s.

If your looking for a F-550 hooklift Nanaimo Mack has one for sale its a 2006 Hiab multilift the truck is a 4x4 it only has 9000kms on the truck. They want 65,000 for it with no boxes when I priced the truck out thats what it would cost. I was interested in it but I wasn't going to spend 65,000 on a truck like that. You will never recover your costs with a 2 ton dumpster truck unless your moving allot of bins a week.

You figure the truck is 65000 then you need bins say 4 to start with at 3500-4000 a bin so theres 14,000 dollars. Total cost 80,000 dollars roughly with taxes. There is more money in a tandem axle rolloff truck with 40 yard bins you can find 40 yard bins anywhere and a used rolloff truck is easy to find.

If you look at Dams Ford in surrey they have a LCF-550 forsale its brandnew has a hooklift system with one box for 60 grand they also had LCF 550 with a conventional rail system.

I looked into mini rolloff trucks I have been in the rubbish removal and trucking business for 14 years or so. Its too hard to make a profit with a mini bin truck its cheaper for me to operate a truck with a dumping flatdeck.

12-27-2006, 08:44 AM
Have owned 3 fords now with the 6.0 litre. An 03 which was stolen @ 48,000 kms no problems at all. An 05 with 76,000 kms, no problems at all, nothing except tires. My 07 isn't worth talking about it has only 700kms on it. Motors are great, not the best on fuel though about 13mpg working and 15 or so not working. I wouldn't be worried about them.

12-27-2006, 01:53 PM
Thanks again guys for your feedback.

I think I got the info I wanted about the 6.0 and feel more comfortable hearing from some of you that run them.

Total Landscape Solutions > you are right on the money when it comes to left over payload once you combine all the necessary components onto the truck. It's one of the reasons I was considering a w5500HD cab-over because they weigh in at 6600pds and offer the same 19,500GVW. My current application doesn't't demand large payloads mostly landscape debris and domestic garbage. I specialize if cleaning up after film & television companies. However I don't want to limit my potential and saleability of the company so I like the concept of BIns and moving towards a more passive income. So thanks you hit right on my biggest debate.

Tthomass > as to your repy, I have considered carefully the SNG system and really like the idea for the same reasons most of you do >light weight , low cost, simple & versatilely. The challenge I see is that I will use the system for my current business and hope to grow into the Bin/dumpster business. The problem i see with the SNG is that I see myself growing to the point of having to change out 6-8 bodies a day and the electric/hydraulic system seems to be slow under a load and not really designed to change out so many times a day. The other is that a hooklift even thought it is more money it is built to outlast 3 cab & chassis's. Pls tell me I am wrong because i would love to get into this bus for less money.

Gravel Rat > I too looked at that F550 with the multi lift it belonged to the "Bin There Dump That" franchisee bought in Ontario shipped out here and operated for a very short period of time before the realized that the 9000pd lift cap on the hoist shortchanged them and they could'nt lift the bins off the ground.
When I mentioned CDL I mean't that's my range of considerations. I am debating trucks from 19,500 to 32,000Pds to stay under our Air Brake licences. I too believe that bigger is always better but I am trying to stay profitable and have the ability to have any of my employee drive the truck. You know what it's like to retain any good help let alone someone with a an airbrake ticket...

Depending on what the next set of feedback is I will consider starting a new post to throw out there my debate over what truck to buy to grow my business towards the Minibin Business> so more on Hooklift/ Roll-off Vs. SNG
I have read many posts on this topic, but still want more>

Thanks again for your information.

Gravel Rat
12-27-2006, 02:57 PM
Hooklifts are like that they will power out you really need a hoist bigger for the load you plan on carrying. One of the disposal companies has a hooklift its one of the orginal versions and its rated for 8000lbs it really groans pulling on a 6000lb box.

A conventional hoist system will always out lift a hooklift because its easier to slide a box up rails than levering a box on with a hydraulic arm. A conventional rail system is lighter.

There used to be a dealer for the Switch and Go in B.C. but I don't think they are selling them anymore.

Del Hydraulics makes a conventional rolloff hoist system for trucks or you can have a hoist built they are easy to build.

12-27-2006, 03:49 PM
up rails than levering a box on with a hydraulic arm. A conventional rail system is lighter.

Gravel Rat > Thanks Again! I have considered trad rails but I have only found systems that weigh more than hooklifts, with the size trucks I am considering the vweight penalty is too much. The only one that was a potential contender was www.on-trux.com they have a rail system that has hydraullic extendable stingers to allow for for flexible deck lengths and still allow you to tow a trailer and yet the system is still lightweight. But the dollars are still 20kCDN.

As for the switch-n-go there is one for sale in Alberta but they wany 65k on a 2004 550 (new). There is no dealer here but found a good one in Portland, oregon (Altec).

Still working on it!

12-27-2006, 06:27 PM
Check out www.bucksfab.com they may be able to help you locate who is closest or work out some options for you. They make the SNG system.

12-27-2006, 10:06 PM
Dont let cdl's intimindate you. I hear this all the time if you can drive and read a manual to study for a test get them. You need a truck to handle the job what ever it is. Dont buy a smaller truck that cant handle your business because of a cdl issue. I have made many mistakes in business by going to small and it will bite you in the ass. Im not a big truck expert but i would buy a bigger series to handle the business. The 6.0 is okey now i had a 03 lemon but now have a 06. However that really isnt the issue here it is still a little small for what you want.

12-27-2006, 11:41 PM
Any of the newer 1 ton diesels will handle just about anything you could throw at it in this business

Gravel Rat
12-28-2006, 12:23 AM
In B.C. you don't need a CDL for a single axle Mini Bin could spec any sized gvw single axle he wants. Once you go to a tandem axle then you need a CDL.

A single axle 5 ton rolloff truck there isn't much demand because you can't haul enough. You would get more work for a tandem than a 5 ton single axle rolloff. A mini rolloff is good for the small jobs like basement clean outs or demo jobs or house roof tear offs.

I'am really considering building a mini rolloff truck again it is so much easier dropping a box on the ground load it up and pull it back on. The work I do your fighting trying to get stuff up onto the deck of a truck its very hard on the back its also hard to get the truck loaded properly. Brush and tree branches are horrible to try load or old used kitchen appliances.

Myself I can build my own rolloff system its trying to find boxes to make into rolloff cans. The rails would be a piece of cake to build all you need is rectangle tubing its the reeving system is what I'am undecided about. A winch is the easiest to install but you need a decent winch with power in and power out and a good brake.

12-28-2006, 05:59 PM
I have a buddy that was in the same position and what he did is got a 1 ton with the 7.3 (02) extra cab dully and is building a roll -off trailer, (downeaster makes one but he wants to save money) He is building a 20' with a goose-neck to hold the weight. He made it 20' so he can carry two empty 10' bins so he can drop them and used a hydraulic 20,000lb winch and 2 huge pistons to dump powered by a motor.

In this case you would have a truck that could do the work and is eye appealing at your house and a trailer you could park on-site. I think it might be a better option instead of spending 70K his whole set-up (truck and trailer) is around 35K (truck 25k trailer and bins 10K

just something to think about

Gravel Rat
12-29-2006, 12:55 AM
Minibin still hasn't said where he is located but if he is in Vancouver a rolloff trailer will be a pain in the azz. You need something that turns good easy to get in and out of traffic.

A 1.5-2 ton truck 450-550 truck would work good with 10 to 11 bins with a 12 foot long bin being the longest.

12-29-2006, 04:16 AM
Neuswede> I looked into the trailer idea and have seen a couple of good set-up's
Nedland Industries Product www.nedland.com/
Protainer www.protainer.com
Hand Fabricated http://www.rolloffsystems.net/
I really like the versatility inconspicuousness's of the trailer, but as Gravel Rat pointed out I like in an urban area that is hard to drive in the best of times. As much as I need good maneuverability it needs to be fast, and slick! That's some of the reason the hooklift works.
The other challenge I see with the trailer>is running that small honda engine in transfer facilities would probably get by the dump operators.

Gravel Rat> I live in Burnaby. As for your post about building the roll-off myself. I don't have those skills and see more saleability of my business with a brand name engineered hooklift system. I think the key is to buy a bigger hooklift than you need. A 20k lift cap weighs only 2000 pds on the chassis.

Other than a few pick-ups and trailers we don't currently operate a medium duty truck. We contract out the moving of the bobcat and the delivery of materials. I looking to re-capture the fees that I contract out, regain control of the bobcat delivery time-frames and break into a new business (Waste/Debris).

I have got off topic and tomorrow i will post a new thread discussing "which GVW chassis and hooklift/Sng selection"

Thanks for the Info!

Gravel Rat
12-29-2006, 01:51 PM
Go out to Fraser Valley Hino in Surrey (formerly Grays Trucks) and see what they can give you on a Hino. The new Hinos are nice trucks if you want to use the truck to haul equipment then your going to need to look at a heavier truck than a F550.

02-08-2007, 06:08 AM
Just reading your posts, I currently own a hooklift truck and would sell the rest of the fleet, well maybe not the sweeper. This truck is just too handy. It is a tandem, yes the payload is a little less, but the trade off is worth it. Actually thinking of gettting a smaller version as an addition. The only brand to buy is Multilift. I did alot of research, and one municipality I spoke with traded thiers in for a Multilift.
It will soon be time to replace the chassis, cabover for muni work is the way to go!! Currently have a GMC T-8500 Auto, tandem c/w 16 ft box, does it haul <>? and turns on a dime with 5 cents to spare.
Go bigger, badder and cabover with an Auto.:)