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01-14-2007, 11:02 PM
I got a lot of history to tell, put since this is the pics forum, I'll get straight to the point (and history last lol):
(they're not exactly in order, but...)






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The end of the pics

01-14-2007, 11:19 PM
The story (lol):

Most of last year, my '86 D-250 kept giving me these signs that it wasn't going to make it much longer.
Hard to describe exactly, only broke down one time but I started saving my money and looking.

I kept going to cars.com and searching for everything as such:
Ford / Chevy / Dodge 3/4 tons (f-250's, d-250's / 2500's, etc).
Under 4000 dollars (no posted price = no deal).
With pictures ONLY.
Within 500 miles of my zip.

Other criteria I used:
NO plows or signs it had been used as such (hard on tranny).
Either with A/C or WHITE in color.
Price within range of Kelly Blue Book specifications (many are overpriced).
HAS to have TRUCK tires (more than a few have big car tires (they're cheaper)).
Not much over 100,000 miles.

Optional but certainly helpful in swaying the decision:
An XLT or SLT model (lariat / laramie is bonus).
Not totally shabbed out looking.
A truck box or cap included.
A smaller engine (5 liter or diesel). (this I didn't get, can't win them all).
Tow package (at least class-II trailer hitch, bumper balls don't count lol).
The more pics, the better.

There were one or two other things I looked at, but that's the basics.
Every week or so, for close to a year I went to cars.com and kept looking.


01-14-2007, 11:24 PM
Right before Xmas I found it, around the 21st lol.
It was in Boston, Mass...
Price was $2,500
And, I could NOT get there until the 27th... !!!

I was so hoping it wouldn't sell.
On the 26th, I ordered airline tickets one way, and withdrew cash (enough).
Flew out on the morning of the 27th, landed around 9:30am.
Took a cab to Boston Auto Sales, got there ~10am.
Ahhh they still had the truck.

But, digital pictures sure do hide defects, it did look a lot worse in real life than in the pics (you can kind of see that between the pics).
The oil was very black, I took it out for a short test drive and the brake pedal went almost to the floor (very soft), and many things were iffy.
But for 2,500... (Kelly Blue Book prices this truck at 4,000 in fair condition).


01-14-2007, 11:27 PM
We talked for a bit, turns out the guy who had the title would be back in an hour so why don't I wait while they fix the oil change and brakes and stuff?

Sure thing...
Some minor discrepancy later, and some lunch, blablabla...
Paid for it, signed stuff, drove out of there ~3:30pm (about an hour later :laugh:)

Got back to VA around 2am, kept driving cuz I wasn't sure about the battery and the truck ran the entire trip cuz I wanted to make SURE I didn't get stuck with a truck that wouldn't start.

So, then...

01-14-2007, 11:40 PM
Have done a LOT of work:

Replaced one battery clamp (that's all was wrong with that).
TTIR (tax title insurance registration)
Fixed cruise control (was not working).
Fixed A/C (needed freon).
Ordered and replaced OEM radio ($40, ebay - also was not working before).
> Found it has premium sound package, 4 speakers (nice sound).
Replaced windshield wiper refills.
Pulled 2 screws and a nail out of the tires (2 needed plugging as well).
Installed high performance air filter.
Installed Autolite Double platinum spark plugs.
Installed Taylor 8mm High performance wires.
Installed Accel high performance cap and rotor.
Installed Mallory high performance ignition coil.
Installed a truck box latch (original latches were useless).
Removed front wheels, inspected brakes (whew they're ok).
Packed front wheel bearings w/ grease (thou they weren't dry but).
Removed stick-on American flag from rear window (unpatriotic as this might sound, it reduces the vehicle's criminal profiling aspect).
Replaced front turn signal lens ($25, ebay - was cracked).
Changed oil and filter, used 10w-40 pennzoil... (oil was still black).
Ran it until OT, then changed oil and filter again (used Kendall's 10w-30 synthetic racing blend).
Changed transmission fluid and filter.
Got a 7-to-4 wiring plug adapter for the trailer, and the trailer lights still didn't work (grrrr...)
Fixed the brake light switch (position wasn't right, brake lights sometimes on when brake was not depressed.
> Found a disconnected plug, hooked it back up, trailer lights work now.
Got it inspected (and the mechanic replaced serpentine belt and some light bulbs that were out).
> Guess that means the back brakes were ok also :laugh:
Switched over ALL the equipment and stuff from the '86 D-250 (that took a whole day LOL).
Vacuumed and windex-cleaned the interior.
Installed Roadmaster massage seat kit.
Put in front and back seat covers.
Put in floor mats.

and i forget what else...

Still need to:
Replace tie rod ends.
Get front end alignment.
Install a heat shield between the coil and exhaust manifold to shield the coil from the heat.

So all in all, I did spend close to $4,000
I didn't get a small engine (it's got a 360 cid), but that's the only thing that's not entirely to my liking due to mpg (thou she's got a TON of power).

But I think I like it a lot.

01-14-2007, 11:57 PM
Thats awesome. I always have had a thing for dodges, even though I currently dont own one.

Did you fix the bumper too? (just giving you a hardtime)

01-15-2007, 12:05 AM
Nice man. I love dodge trucks!!

01-15-2007, 12:15 AM
Oh yeah (lol some more):

Removed tailgate from the '95, stored that under the house.
Removed mesh gate from '86, installed that on the '95.
Got the '86's tailgate out from under the house, re-installed that.
Cleaned the '86 (not as thoroughly, I just blew it all out with the backpack lol).

Installed steering wheel cover (mainly, to hide the hanging and torn OEM cover).

Ought to syphon and refill brake fluid (but am leery, since they were just bled by the Boston guys and are working dandy).
Might do it to the power steering thou.

I'm sure there's more, assume things such as moving the trailer tongue from '86 to '95, etc, etc... gtg

01-15-2007, 12:26 AM
What it has (for a truck, it is loaded):

Other than the usual (p/s, p/b)

Well at least for me, these are all firsts (no, never had FM radio, and the AM's never worked):
Club cab long bed (did consider leaving back seat out as weight reduction, but nah).
O/D Automatic transmission.
Cruise control and A/C.
Tilt steering.
AM/FM cass w/ premium sound.
OEM Cup holder (pretty tough).
At least two 12v power outlets.
Extra gauges (temp, amp, oil press, tach).
Cloth front bucket seats (driver's side has electric back and thigh massager w/ hand control).
Center console (oh yeah, fixed a missing bolt on the hinge).
All kindsa great little places to store stuff, like in the doors, overhead, etc.
Power windows (note to self: fix pass side switch {needs glue lol}).
Power mirrors (very nice for that pass. side pita).
Sliding rear window.
Intermittent wiper control.
> Working windshield washer (wooHoo, no more hand cleaning windshields).
Crackable side back windows (for lack of correct terms, they open a crack).
CARPET interior lol.

01-15-2007, 12:42 AM
that should be a great truck. plenty of power. congrats and good luck with it.

01-15-2007, 03:44 AM
Thats awesome. I always have had a thing for dodges, even though I currently dont own one.

Did you fix the bumper too? (just giving you a hardtime)

Ahhh, the bumper almost looks like it should be like that :laugh:
But many, many years ago when I was somewhat more entrepreneurish (read: foolish), I tried body work on some vehicles, and didn't have much luck.

You would think, since I'm pretty inclined to doing most stuff myself, that by reading instructions and following them to the tee, that body work should turn out at least somewhere around half decent, not perfect but oh-kay.
But the best I ever got anything to look was 'patched up,' despite more than a few attempts over the years.

I haven't attempted body work since, at least not in the cosmetic improvements department.
Thou I am good with that stupid plastic suction cup at pulling out simple dents LOL!