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01-30-2007, 05:34 PM
I will be opening a new garden center in the near future. The town is giving me a hard time about the greenhouse, they want me to get a variance for it. I think they might let me put up a shade structure with no sides. I will only be selling the annuals,perrenials and other plants: no growing. Can I keep these annuals and perrenials under a shade structure or do I need a greenhouse to store them plants for retail sale?

01-31-2007, 07:54 AM
A green house is a temporary structure. You can not get insurance on it. Do you have a greenhouse now? if not I would make it a (show house) nice benches, brick walk ways. Make the sides roll up for air flow. Less $$ than having fans. & because your in CNY it would be nice to get your plants out of the cold on Mothers day when you have
6" of fresh snow.

02-14-2007, 02:44 AM
I run a seasonal garden center like you are talking about. I have used one of the Seasonal retail greenhouses for 15+ years. By Poly-Tex

A 20'x60' decked out with benches will run you about $10K but you can just buy a basic kit and build your own benches. I did that for some time and it worked but the benches you buy look nicer and are easier to store. (we use a semi trailer) If you have 1 guy that knows what he is doing and two (GOOD people) to help you can put it up in 8hours. Another hour to stretch the top cover. I replace the top cover every year we set it up for a cost around $200. We do this in a parking lot of a store.
I think the problem you are having is they think you are going to build a greenhouse with glass and everything. I apply for a temp. permit (5 months) and never had a problem. Of course you will have to take down the greenhouse at the end of each season.
A shade area will work but you should have a place that can be closed up and heated. YOU WILL get caught by the cold one day. I rent a heater from the gas company (construction type) In fact they may give you the heater to use just as long you buy gas from them.