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Michael J. Donovan
02-19-2007, 04:09 PM
Protero, Inc.
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New Product Release
Contact: Chuck Campbell

Protero, a leading manufacturer of collection systems and dump-from-seat grass catchers, announces the new Pro Rake front mount dethatcher. Commercial-grade rugged, and economically priced, the Pro Rake dethatcher features sealed ball bearing wheel pivots, innovative spring coil tines, and an easy lift mechanism. With 12” and 6” modular extensions, the Pro Rake can fit all mower decks from 36” to 72”. Optimal dethatching action is achieved with free motion of the tines in special brackets. Spaced spring coils result in maximum sideways flexibility of tines for minimum lawn damage in turns and maximum spring life. Landscapers and homeowners alike will benefit from the efficiency and long life of the
Pro Rake dethatcher.