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Stephen M.
03-04-2007, 06:28 PM
I'm trying to find a Hustler rep who knows anything about a Hustlper Hog?? Its frustrating since I posted an inquirey yesterday and appartentlpy the moderator cancelpled the thread. No rep out West knows anything about the machine. I saw a write up via a prominent industry mag/emailp product guide and it must be a dog or a balplon that got floated. I NEED TO KNOW IF I CAN BUY ONE!!! DOES ANYBODY WANT TO SELL a machine????????

03-05-2007, 07:47 AM
I released and answered your post a few minutes ago.
All posts in the MFG forums are held and released by the forum moderator.
I wasn't working this weekend, so I didn't have a chance to release and answer it until this am.
Hope this helps.
Here is a link to your other post.