View Full Version : High hour Ditch Witch 410sx

03-10-2007, 10:27 PM
You guys that own and run DW 410s - what would you consider to be a high hour machine that I should stay away from? In my search for a used machine I've found everything from a 1997 with only 80 hours on it to machines with close to 3000 hours. Would a 2001 with 850 hours bother you? How about a 2000 with 1500 hours? I won't be using the trencher, just the plow. I screwed up and let a 2004 with 215 hours get away from me for less than $14k.

ps anyone got a low hour machine they want to sell cheap? :)
pps if I buy one with the trencher attachment anyone interested in the attachment?

Dirty Water
03-10-2007, 11:34 PM
We picked our machine up at 500 hours, put another 600 hours on it, and at 1,100 hours we had thrown two fan belts, shorted out a safety switch, and had to replace the nylon gear that couples the hydraulic pump to the engine.

The teeth had sheared off, but this happened when I was trenching with it when I really should have brought up our larger trencher. I don't think everyday plowing would ever do this.

That said, it seems like a lot of failures, but for such a vital machine, its not really that bad.