View Full Version : Plant,Tree Pricing, 2x Retail Include labor? Florida

03-13-2007, 06:33 PM
Was seeing alot of people saying that when a customer needs a plant or tree that they charge double retail or triple wholesole, does that inlcude labor too install the product. What is the smallest about price wise that you will come out and do. If its a small priced plant or trees do you charge for the small order to come out and do.thanx for any help

Superior L & L
03-15-2007, 09:17 AM
People charge from 2x wholesale installed and upword. Its not real acurate just cos a tree is cheap it dosnt mean its easy to install and vice versa. You should have a mark up on a tree then a amount to plant it. Plus a amount for mobilization, over head, profit, etc etc

05-03-2007, 10:57 PM
I double the price installed.If you know your plants then you get to know what you can up.Like bouganville,they cost about 13 bucks at the box store but I get them for 5 at the nursery.I still charge 26