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Shady Brook
03-22-2007, 12:06 PM
Turfco edge rite II How good is it?


I have read nothing but favorable reviews of this unit, and of the company.

I need something to re-edge beds, to install new islands, to install a variety of different edge materials, and if it cuts a bit of sod and edges a drive...great!

Most of my accounts are on subsoil, or natural concrete like clay. I want to know what I can expect from this unit. How will it perform a variety of tasks in clay? I know the edger will do 70 foot in a minute in soil, but what can I expect in adverse conditions? Will I have to cut at an inch depth, and keep making passes to get to max depth? A sales rep told me you may have to go down incrementally? This might be mighty time consumeing.

I am considering all the blades, do you find they are all benificial, that they all perform well?

I just don't want to flop down $1700 and be dissapointed. I know their are other units out there, but most are much more money, and most seem to want to throw the cleared material into the bedding area which may not be desireable.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

03-22-2007, 03:29 PM
I own a brand new one. I bought it from a guy who came upon it very reasonable. It didnt even have oil in it when I got it. Put oil in it put the blade on and gave it a trial run on a grass area at different heights. IMO I would not buy one......mine sits in the garage. I am looking at trading it in on anything else they will let me. The nice thing is its Honda motor but thats it.

The best thing you could do is buy a Brown bed edger. A little more money around 2 grand but worth it. You can buy different blades for it depending on what u wanna do with it. We are on our 4th or 5th one over the years. If you can in your area see if they will let u demo or rent both models. The Brown does kick dirt into the bed and if thats a problem you can lay out plastic to catch it. Not a big deal tho.
Good Luck!

Shady Brook
03-22-2007, 03:49 PM
Wow, you are the first person to write a bad review as far as I am aware. Could you tell me why you dislike it? I am currios what it's weaknesses are? Is it possible that you are just used to the Brown, and comparatively it is inferrior?

I have not been able to locate a Turfco locally, but can lay my hands on a Brown. I have also been looking at the Trench'n edge. It looks like a very versitile machine, and great for foundation work when using block and pavors. www.trenchnedge.com.

Turfco Tim
03-22-2007, 04:28 PM
Shady Brook,
Some Lesco service Centers stock them. Indy NE, Indy SW, South Bend.
If you need references I can help you out.
See what kind of deal klkanders will give you. Sounds to me like he would give it away!

Tim Gray
Turfco Mfg.

03-22-2007, 04:34 PM
I could not get it to dig like I thought it should. The Turfco is built and works with the same cutting action as a sod cutter. That being said with its narrow stance and forward motion its tougher to control. I contacted the manufacturer about my problems and for suggestions on how to better use it. You stated a sales rep told you the same thing that I was told....you have to go down little at a time........WHAT! If you have to go over it and over it and try and get on the same line how good is that? How about a slight slope thrown in? I asked if I could trade it in on any other machine they make (sod cutter, overseeder?) but they could not do that. Only thing it might be ok for is trimming grass along a walk or drive.

I wish you had access to one locally so you could compare and see what I am talking about. Less money is not always the answer. The trenchnedge I have never tried and I don't know how they compare in price with the Brown. If you could demo that also it would be worth it. I see alot of Brown bed edgers being used around (even rental companies) so must be a reason for that. If you have any other questions let me know....just trying to help.

03-22-2007, 04:47 PM
Sorry for ragging on the edge rite. I was just telling my experiences with it. For me it didn't do the job I was looking for. Like I said in other post maybe along walks or drives for maintenance purposes. We need a machine that will cut a deep V trench on the first pass so that we can install edging,brick, wire, etc...

I do like the looks of other Turfco products like the sod cutter and over seeder but would not use those as much. Give it away....no...but I would sell it or trade it for much less :) Take Care!

Shady Brook
03-22-2007, 05:08 PM

Thanks so much for shareing your experiences, I appreciate them. You have me greatly concerned. Where are you located in the midwest, if you were not to far I would love to try out your unit.


I have a Lesco close by, and they list one as a rental, but they have not rental in the region. The sales guy did not act as if he could even get one to look at, but maybe to buy. Do you have access to a demo unit that could be brought to my area?


Turfco Tim
03-22-2007, 05:53 PM
No offense taken. We know that our products don't work for everyone. I wish we made a machine that everyone liked, so does Ford!

Shady Brook,

What part of Indiana are you in? We have a couple of golf equipment distributors that cover different parts of IN. They carry the EdgeRite.
Turfco Direct offers a 14 day trial period with all of our products. After you buy it you have 14 days to see if it works for you, if not call us and we will make shipping arrangements. All you are responsible for is the freight.

We are currently offering a free freight program. That saves you about $110.

I can't speak for the satisfaction of everyone but we have been building this machine for over 40 years so it must work for some people. A large landscaper in Chicago owns over 20 of them. We do a huge business in Ohio. Call me and I can provide references.

I use it every spring to edge my natural edge beds. I put on the "V" blade, lower it ito the second depth setting and shave off about 3-4 inches. As you stated it doesn't throw debris into the bed so I don't have to rake the dirt out of the mulch. I just come along with a bow rake and rake the strips into the grass. They usually come up in 1-3 foot strips.

Let me know if we can help.

Tim Gray
Turfco Mfg.

03-22-2007, 07:52 PM
I've got one that is about 20 years old, yes thats right 20 years old. Its got a briggs and stratton and it hadn't been ran in about 8 years when I bought it from an uncle of mine who use to do small landscapes back in the day. yeah, changed the oil dusted the spark plug off with some sand paper, new fuel, cleaned the air filter and alittle starting fluid runs like a champ for being 20 years old. I need to get a new drive wheel for it other than that it has saved me LOTS of time. I personally don't see going out and paying 2k on a bed edger when I charge 0.75 a foot for bed edger. yeah it will pay for itself in about a month but why buy something that does the same damn thing for what I need it for. :nono:

I might need to get some paint for this thing, it's alittle rust too overall a great machine

03-22-2007, 08:46 PM
Shady, I am in the Dakota's a little too far to come try it out I'm afraid.
Thanks Tim!
Scottscape, It sat for eight years! Holy cow how come it sat so long? Just think how much money it coulda made in that time! :) If it works for you I think that is great!

Shady, I think it really depends on what u are looking to use it for and what u expect out of it. We install a huge amount of edging every year. One guy pulls the Brown bed edger and another follows behind spiking edging in and refilling the trench with the pulverised dirt the edger left behind in a furrow. For this purpose it can't be beat. It digs a nice vertical trench 5" deep and since u pull it with rear wheels that turn u can get the nice flowing edging lines that everyone craves. If your needs are different then go with something else. Because of this I still stress you being able to test drive any edgers you are considering buying. Try them out just like you would do on a job and then u will have your answer......one u can live with. I have and you know which i prefer. I don't think you should have to buy a unit first and have it shipped just to try it out. If the Turfco is what u decide on let me know I've got one sitting in the garage.....will deal.....and I don't want it there for 8 years! Again Good Luck!

03-23-2007, 11:27 AM
have you looked into a brown bed edger, they are very versitile

03-23-2007, 12:19 PM
Shady Brook,
I just came across this tread. I am the Equipment Cat. Mgr for LESCO and am actually in the process of relocating a number of the Turfco units. If you let me know either your Zip I can cross reference where the nearest units are and/or get one moved for you to see. We are running some great deals right now (spring Expo) that might help.
thanks - Curtis

Shady Brook
03-23-2007, 12:27 PM

That would be great!

I am at 46347, but work around 46408. I favor the St. John store, but South Bend is also an option. They may even loan out the unit to St. John. If you have a renovator as a demo or rental that I could try I would love that too.

Any help would be awesome!


03-23-2007, 01:00 PM
I just talked to Bob at the South Bend store and he just sold the on his floor a couple of weeks ago, but I'm going to transfer 2 more to him (should take about a week). He also has 2 renovators in stock (brand new -but if you are interested I'm sure they would demo it). Their number is 574-288-9471 so you can see it they're in before making the drive. I told him to look for Jay from lawnsite.com.

Shady Brook
03-23-2007, 01:08 PM
Thanks a bunch Curtis, you are a big help. Bob is a great guy, I have done business with him on several occasions.


Turfco Tim
03-24-2007, 02:25 PM
Thanks Curtis!

Eakern & Dog
04-19-2007, 04:28 PM

I rented one of these from Sunbelt Rentals at it worked great. Very similar to the Brown if not actually the same thing with a different name

Shady Brook
04-21-2007, 10:06 PM
One other question on the Turfco.... Has anyone any experience with the edger blade for along sidewalks and drives? What can I expect wet or dry conditions? Thanks