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03-25-2007, 09:52 PM
Ive done numerous searches in here and am having trouble. I have to find some sort of contract for my client to sign this week. It is going to be a landscape job for a condo complex that was awarded to me. this is going to be one of the larger projects for me and this is only my second season. with residential i havent used contracts, just had them sign the estimates. I know that this is not the way to do it. so now that things are really starting to get going, i really need to cover my butt. Any help with an example that i can simply change some wording and maybe the company name would be great.

03-25-2007, 10:22 PM
A contract is just an agrrement, so you don't have to worry about it having a certain look or anything.

Itemize all the things you are going to do as detailed as possible. You might put in how many times you'll mow or trim things or whatever you do. Make sure to write that anything not specifically listed in the contract will be an extra and billed as such. It helps to include those would be billing rates. You want to put a date on it and include the time frame of the contract. Also, state that you may withdraw the proposal if not accepted in x amount of days (so they don't send it to you signed next year). Put your company name and signature on one line at the bottom with a date, and type in the clients name and have a place for a signature and date for him to sign keep a copy before you send it, send them two copies withinstructions for them to keep one and send the signed original back to you with the deposit in order to get on the schedule.

Maybe someone will send you a copy of their contract, but that should help you if they don't.

03-25-2007, 10:35 PM
I don't do much more than my proposal and my terms:

This proposal is based upon an annual services and broken into 12 equal payments for convenience to the owner / manager. Early termination for any reason other than performance shall incur an additional billing for services rendered, otherwise this agreement is “at will” and maybe terminated at any time by either party.

Non-Performance - Landscape LLC believes in hiring and training professionals for our industry. If there is ever any concern, please take the time to tell us what the concern maybe and we will make every effort to correct the concern within one week provided it is within scope and it is an omission on our part. If Landscape, LLC fails to resolve the matter to your satisfaction please describe the concern in writing, we will respond with a Plan of Action which will include a time line for completion.

Typical example is Owner or governing body wants a hard cut on a tree that may kill the tree because of the seasonal reasons, provided a release and hold harmless to the loss of the tree, we will perform the service under an Arborist’s supervision. In any case, failure to complete a Plan of Action to the Owners satisfaction is cause for early termination with out incurring additional fees for services rendered.

Additional Work.
Anything not specifically included in the scope. Additional work will be quoted prior to commencement.
Our labor rate is $45.00 per man-hour in either two or three man crews.

Landscape will invoice at the Middle of the Current Service Month with terms of 30 days Net.
Late payments will incur a $25.00 Service fee. Non-payment over 30 days late will result in a suspension of service and an 18% interest Annual rate or the highest amount allowed by law, until paid in full. Non-Payments over 90 days late will be reported to Dunn and Bradstreet and sent to collection and may incur legal fees as allowed by Texas Law.

If this price and terms are agreeable it may be attached as an Exhibit to your standard contract.

The reason I don't have a contract is most companies will not sign it. They attach your proposal to their constract as an exhibit.

Why spend a ton of money getting a lawyer to write a contract that will not be signed.

I do spell out services and I have a grid listing when services will be performed.

It will not post here but basically it is a monthly calender with a list of services.

I enter either a M = Monthly, B =Bi-Weelky, X = service month. You get the idea.

We mow bi-weekly early and late in the season. This allows us to do other seasonal task like trim hanging limbs and suckers from trees.

Many companies want over seeding in the south.

Hope this helps.

03-25-2007, 11:19 PM
go to staples or something and buy a contract form if you are that much in a rush.