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r scott grover
07-26-2001, 01:50 AM
I got rained out on friday before my last job of the week so i went out around 10:30am on saturday and just wanted to get it over with so i can enjoy the rest of my weekend. unbelieveable i got 6 new residential accounts in 30 min. got to love that i am hopeing that when i go back on saturday i will have a few more.

]The best part is that it only takes me about 10 to 15 min a yard by my self with a 36" WB and they are all in a row

07-26-2001, 04:06 AM
see thats how this biz works

they like to see dedicated people out there

not the jokers that say they work 9 - 5 8 -4 7- 3
8hrs 5 days a week 40hrs a week

with seasonal work got to get all the money while its there

I have picked up lawn while working on Sunday

2 years ago I got a call to mow a yard in a sub. told them I would be there on Sat.
mowed on Sat. and got 34 other lawn within 2 weeks in the same sub.

luckaly I was able to move them to Thurs.

keep on with the good work and dedication LGF:blob3:

07-26-2001, 07:58 AM
99% of my accounts say they don't want to be mowed on the weekends. I do the commercials on Sunday and the mulching, cleanup special projects on Saturday.

Premo Services
07-26-2001, 09:27 AM
All of my residential customers do not want to be cut on weekends, and I would rather not cut on saturdays.They know if we get rain on thurs. or friday, I will be there on saturday. In June, it rains on 3 of the days between mon. to friday. I did all i could to not go out on sat, but had to cut. It was a beautiful day and my customers knew that I would rather be at the lake, but they apreciated that I came on saturday to cut their lawn. I will do landscaping or other jobs on the weekend, because you have to make the hay while the sun is shining.


07-26-2001, 10:34 AM
Congrats to both of you, rsg & lgf, for your weekend acquisitions. I've worked the weekend routes many times in the past and yes, you get a chance at a different range of clients. Since a lot of people work the 8-5, M-F, schedule themselves they don't get a chance to meet you in the field if you keep the same hours.

However, this 'joker' is willing to sacrifice those possibilities for more time with family & friends, and the peace of mind that comes with that little rest week-in and week-out. I say we all work the schedule that works for us, and kudos to those who can!


Mike (MLC)
07-26-2001, 10:36 AM
I do some of my residential customers on Sat. They don't mind me being there on the weekend. They are greatful that they have a lawn service that actually shows up on time and on a schduled day. These customers are ones that I picked up because they were upset with the other guy they had cutting, because he just showed up randomly. I do pick up customers on
Saturdays while I am out working. More people are off and at home, so they see you mowing the neighbors's yard with no problem and they are out in the 100 degree weather trying to push mow their yard. Needless to say they usually come up to me and start asking for a bid.

07-26-2001, 10:42 AM
TGC, was preparing to post it myself until I saw your post. Well said. Thankyou.


John from OH
07-26-2001, 12:35 PM
see thats how this biz works

they like to see dedicated people out there

not the jokers that say they work 9 - 5 8 -4 7- 3
8hrs 5 days a week 40hrs a week

If it works for you, congrats.

As one of the jokers that work 40 -45 hours per week and have been in the industry for about 2 decades, I'd like to add another perspective. What if our industry charged accordingly and was able to work 40 hours per week. Would we be more attractive to future employees? Would the client think of us as more of a profession? Most enterprises that the public considers as professions have set regular hours. While most professions aren't hampered by weather like us, if our industry wants to be considered as a profession, and not just of bunch of folks that cut grass, maybe we had better start acting like a profession.

My company went to 40h hours per week about 6 years ago, since then our turnover has dropped dramatically, abscenses and no shows have almost been eliminated, and moral has improved. Our bottom line is much healthier, and our customers love not being bothered on weekends. They do understand an occasional Saturday due to rain.

Our employees are paid well and will do what it takes to get the work done to avoid Saturdays. Its a matter of changing your mindset and your employees mindset and then doing it. Our entry level employees can make $16,000 to $18,000 their first year for working Apr-Dec. After the first year, depending on ability and knowledge, the pay scale rises from the low $20,000 to the low to mid $30,000. Medical insurance, paid vacation, paid sick days, long distance discount phone service are also provided. It can be done, 40 hours works for me.

07-26-2001, 02:11 PM
Great post! You read my fingers!

The one good thing about having to catch up on Saturdays is that you usually get a lot of attention in the neighborhood because thats when most of the people are out doing their own yard work, at their maddest ready to hire you! ;)

To each his own, and again John, great post!

07-26-2001, 02:39 PM
as with any outside workin pro (key word pro)

we have all the elaments to watch out for. including heat

hey if you can have a work week that is 40hrs 9-5
I do not know how you can do it

we work 55+hrs a week mon thru sat

play dodge the rain double cut lawns etc.

yes most of us are pro and are categoied as pro's

if yoy run set hours have fun when it rains 4 days a week

I am in St. Louis and are weather is not the easist to work around

it takes over 8 hrs to run each route

remember this is seasonal work go get the money while you can

7 am to 7 or 8pm

average Joe working he works 2000hrs a year. thats 50 x 40

we do it in 9 - 10 months but we work around 2200hrs

well to those who can work 1600hrs a year good luck

to all those who bust their but for more hrs I am with ya


07-26-2001, 04:31 PM
I think everybody has to work weekends sometime during the season,but whenever possible i take them off.From july-september we work 4 days,10-12hrs a day with 3 day weekends,when you want them the most in summer but not sacrificing check,still42-48 hrs a week. Morale is high, production evan better, you lose a day of to + from travel time. So call me a joker,maurice or the gangster of love,because when i'm on the beach with my cordless blender 3 days in a row,i can't here you. just my 2 cents:blob3:

Fantasy Lawns
07-26-2001, 06:16 PM
when I worked in VA we cut grass summer ....... plowed & cut wood winter .... even with "seasonal grass cutting" we made $$ year round

any who ...... lucky for us down here the season is 12 months long .... we ONLY work Sat due to Rain or Equip failure ...... Period ...... I have NO scheduled work on Sat ..... and Sunday is Race day ..... soon to be Football ;->

I think John made a good point

"Our employees are paid well and will do what it takes to get the work done to avoid Saturdays. Its a matter of changing your mindset and your employees mindset and then doing it. "

I could not agree more ..... our guys work hard 45-50 hours M-F .... they need & want that Sat & Sun off together ...... 2 days to recoup ...... meet the family .....

Most of the gated community's want it done Thurs-Fri with NO Noise or activity on Sat

BUT I will say for that for the guy mowing after a daytime job or a solo I think working Sat is a must do

07-26-2001, 06:50 PM
I Think that especially if you are a newer company and need new accts. Saturday is just unavoidable. People are more likly home on sat and your visibility is up 80% than during the week. But I have some clients that don't want to see me over the weekend. They too want to relax and not hear the noise. They want to sit on their deck or patio and glance at their nicely manicured lawn. Not see you doing it..... You have to know the area and your clientel... What ever works for you..

07-26-2001, 07:35 PM
Wow, I couldnt think about cutting residentials on the weeekend unless unfavorable conditions happened the week before. Commercials yes, we do really only handle more upscale residentials and more commercial, but I dont think they would enjoy us cutting as they are by the pool or entertaining guests.

07-26-2001, 07:45 PM
I do my darndest not to mow on Saturdays. However, when there is seasonal work to be done such as aerations, annual flowers, etc., it is in the best interest of the LCO to book that type work on Saturdays. We get tons of new customers each year when they see us providing a seasonal service on Saturdays. It's kind of like the "keeping up with the Jones'" mentality. So, yes, we use Saturdays about 20 weeks a year.

r scott grover
07-26-2001, 08:18 PM
I forgot to add that when i get a few more i plan to move them to a thursday or friday so i can enjoy my weekends but for now that is a cheep way to sell your service and the new customer can see the type of work you do.

I'm going to give it a few more weeks and see what becomes of it hopefuly my wallet will get fatter. :D

07-26-2001, 10:30 PM
I have my waverunners and boat and do enjoy playing on them
we dont work every Sat.

but I guess my wallet is fatter than your even if you disagree

I happen to do maintanence for the St. louis Rams and get tickets for the games. LONG LIVE FOOTBALL

my season ends when there is snow on the ground

and I will enjoy working my SATURDAYS

see I am doing a job I enjoy instead of sitting at a desk staring at a wall or cubicle or even out the window wishing I was outside

I will enjoy my job/living you enjoy yours PEACE LGF:blob3:

07-26-2001, 10:45 PM
Back when we did high volume residential mowing, I dreded working Saturday. It wasn't that I would have rather been doing other things, but rather the fact that the customers were mostly home. Often times, they have a "pet peeve", nothing too major to warrant a phone complaint, but if they see you there in person, they just may whale on you.

The absolute worst was residential lawns late in the day during the week. If we happened to be finishing up when Mr. Ihatemyjob gets home from a bad day at the office, there was the chance for it to get ugly. It didn't matter who or what, Mr. Ihatemyjob just wanted to gripe.

07-26-2001, 11:14 PM

Hey I cut for the Rams too. Wheres my tickets? lol

07-26-2001, 11:43 PM
3 things will make me work Saturday.

1. Weather kept me from finishing it before Friday. I don't want to be there any more than my clients want me there on the weekend.

2. Profit: lots of profit. Not regular old money I can make during the week, but the $80+ I can get for mowing thigh high (and higher) grass.

3. Need. If i'm hungry for work, I'll mow at night. And, yes, I've used the headlights on the car to finish jobs before.

All the work I've missed because I dodn't work Sat is more than made up for by the work I've done (and kept) because I didn't disturb my clients on the weekend.

07-27-2001, 01:11 AM
I usually try not to mow on the weekends, if possible. I mow all my lawns on Thursday or Friday, depending on if I leave for vacation on Friday. Last year I would sometimes mow on Saturday, but I don't anymore. I usually do the landscape jobs and other work (leaf cleanups, etc.) on Saturday, or sometimes Sunday if I don't get it all finished on Saturday.

07-27-2001, 02:26 PM
I've discovered a way to pick up extra work when doing spring and fall cleanups in residential areas. I'll pull everything out of my van wether I'm using it or not. Hedge trimmers, extention ladders, blowers, shovels, etc... you get the picture. It looks like I'm having a yard sale in the clients yard. Of course every person driving by looks and plants seeds in their brains.

07-28-2001, 12:58 AM

you work for me now

I will get you some tickets

LGF:blob3: :blob1: :blob4:

07-30-2001, 11:55 PM
congrats, havent been quite that lucky yet. Question though, 10-15 min. per yard. how much grass is there to mow, weed eat, clean up. To me it would look like the ol time movies at double speed!:eek:

r scott grover
07-31-2001, 06:12 PM
The lots are about 40 feet wide and 100 feet long with a good size house. weed eating takes a min only around the house and edging is a pice of cake nothing to realy edge.

08-01-2001, 10:45 AM
I have noticed that when I have gotten behind and have gone out on a Staurday to get caught up that I have picked up new accounts as well. In the early Spring I actually try to work a couple Saturdays as most people are just getting out from a long winter and seeing the mess on their own lawns and see me down the street. I do not make a practice out of working on Saturdays as I do not want to disturb my customers on their weekend as well as mine, but from what I've experienced sometimes it pays off.