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04-08-2007, 07:21 AM
Hey Guys: What are you using as a preventive application of fungicides for centipede and St. Augustine grass. On this fescue and bluegrass mixture, Cleary's was my choice. However on the St. Augustine, things like dollar spot, brown patch and a whole host of stuff that I don't know anything about. Anyway, I'm doing this just as a preventive measure on mine and my neighbor's yard in SC. (Not a business down there--just my retirement home and close neightbors that are getting old and I just take care of their yards as well as mine) Anyway--I need your imput as what works on this stuff. Thanks--Summer will finally get here. It's 18 in TN on Easter Sunday.

04-09-2007, 07:14 AM
Any suggestions for a fungicide for that St. Augustine--No problems yet--just looking for a product to prevent some of the disease. Thanks

04-09-2007, 07:49 AM
Armada from Bayer would cover most diseases you might be likely to see down there, especially the two you mentioned, dollar spot and brown patch. It's a combination of Triadamefon (Bayleton) and Trifloxystrobin (Compass). It's not exactly cheap, but a very good value against either active alone or Tartan, it's golf equivelant. It is "for professional use only" so you might want to run it through your business in some form.