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08-02-2001, 01:15 AM
For those of you who bought the direct mail templates from LS.com or Lawncaresuccess.com I wanted to start a thread on things you would change in them. Please don't stick pieces of the letter here though per request of the sellers.

Here I go:

First thing to do when you get them all is to type them all up on your letterhead and back them up somewhere on a CD or a flopppy disk, etc. Then you will have them quickly availabble to mail or to cut, paste, and e-mail.

Next, I would make a spreadsheet setup with all your customers names and each of the 20 letters to have a column. Use it as a checklist to write the date you sent a certain letter to make sure your not sending two, or three of the same, etc. The letters are meant to be personal, not to look like a mail ad campaign.

Now for the letters:

I'll go by example #

#1 I would include in the envelope a list of services my company offers in a checklist form with a SASE so they could send it back for more info in case they feel uncomfortable calling.

#4 Include a written agreement ready to be signed and sent back to you, and a SASE

#7 Include a customer satisfaction survey in an easy to read and fill out bubble sort of deal with a SASE

Those are just some of the things I would change when sending them out. What are you guys going to do differently with them?

Any Ideas?

08-02-2001, 01:09 PM
Umm, they don't come on disk in word format???

Please tell me they do, otherwise, that would be rediculous!

08-02-2001, 01:13 PM
We made the suggestion, and I thought it would be easier and more cost effective (cheaper than the paper and ink, smaller shipping it, faster than printing and take up half the room with double the stock) But, I guess "they" didn't agree.

I wish they were, it would be easier on our end too. Maybe they will with the contracts, who knows.

Island Lawn
08-02-2001, 03:24 PM
I'm anxiously watching the mailbox......

I don't know this puter stuff, but can you scan them instead of retyping them?
Then edit as necessary...

08-02-2001, 03:28 PM
not to get quality results at least. Its not that much typing, even for you slow typing guys! ;)

Its worth it because then you can make your own letter head and customize the letters to fit your needs.

Hope this helps!

08-02-2001, 06:36 PM
They're not that great, came in plain paper not evev a 31/2" disk neither cd rom.

Targeted to new business.

in the introduction they got a customer testimonial that say quote "I never had time to sit and write letter"

well if you buy'em than start making time because you'll need it
and after you star typing them you'll be changing a lot of stuff and end up writing a whole different letter.

I may be able to use 1 out of the 20 and not even the whole letter.

My rating
:) :( :angry:

08-02-2001, 10:24 PM
"you'll be changing a lot of stuff and end up writing a whole different letter. "

That is why they are called "templates" and not "form letters".


Sean Adams
08-03-2001, 12:25 AM
I like this idea Guido. Getting good feedback. Maybe offering it in a 3 1/2 floppy is the way to go. I'm going to line it up tomorrow and post when I know what we can do. Again, maybe we assumed incorrectly. As far as these "templates" not working for established businesses, I disagree, but maybe I'm biased. Your business is different from every other business, and your correspondence should be as well. Let me know why you think these are only effective for those starting out. As I posted in another thread, one of the people that helped put these letters together has over 30 employees I believe and does a little over 6 million. Definitely not a business just starting out. The ideas are more important than the written word. Let me know what you think would make the letters more effective and I will look at all perspectives and make changes if the general opinion is unanimous. Thanks again to everyone who has ordered. You guys are in business and you know you can't always please everyone. If one letter is effective and gets you a new client who spends more than $27.95 it sounds like a good investment. That is not the approach we're taking but it is a point. Let me know what I can do. If you want to e-mail me personally you can do so at lawncaresuccess@aol.com. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

Sean Adams

08-05-2001, 03:01 PM
Chrissd had a question in another thread, and I thought it would be better answered here so I'm copying it and I'll put my 2 cents in on it here.

Im new to this site, and have found this site very imformative. Heres a question now that i have these templates how do i get more commercial accounts? Im pretty concentrated in a specific area and would like to stay in that area. how do i find out who to send letter #19 to if i want to maintain certain retail centers? thanks

Chrissd, First off, if I were you, in your daily driving time, start jotting down company names and address's (and phone #'s if its not to hard, but you can get those from the phone book or online) on a pad. This will let you target the business' you want to hit up to bid on.

Now that you have targeted these companies in your area, you can do two things. If their small owner/ operator type bussiness's you can just send the letter to them directly through the biz. If they are larger outfits or retail or resteraunt chains it will be a bit tougher.

For these potential clients you will probobly have to call or go down there and find out who the propert manager is or building manager, etc. If you talk to a manager of the stor/resteraunt, they should be able to give you a name of "the decision maker" and thats who you need. The guy that puts out the dough!

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.

P.S. This also brought up a good point. When sending the specific letters for POTENTIAL customers, you should also keep a seperate list for them so you can watch and see if your marketing is paying off, and to who it seems to be working on. It will also let you send follow up letters or make follow up phone calls to the ones you don't get responses from.

Hope this helps clear it up some!

08-06-2001, 08:33 PM
That sounds pretty good, but i was wondering how a company like trugreen or any of the other big companies get accounts so fast. Lets say trugreen is opening up a new branch in a city it currently doesnt have work. What do they use? Direct mail? Just to tell you alittle about myself we have a family owned buisness, and we just got incorporated. We have two crews doing maintenace full time with another crew doing installations ect. Most if not all our accounts and work are from referalls.

08-07-2001, 01:17 AM
From what I know they buy up work from others some times. Not sure though, never worked for them.