View Full Version : Need Advice Bidding Large Install

BD Bone
04-26-2007, 12:41 PM
I am not "new" in the LCO industry... have 8+ Years under my belt. However, I am new at bidding on a larger type installation such as this one. I am bidding on a 9 acre lawn installation. It is currently a "field" that has not been maintained for 2+ years. Client wants it disc'd and culti=pack'd and grass put in. I am hiring a personal friend/farmer to handle the disc and culti-pack portion and doing the lawn install portion (grass seed) myself. I have background working for sod farm and the planting process. However, I am a little unsure of the best way to bid this large of a project. Most of my installs have been smaller lawns (under 1/2 acre) and require no outside sub-contracted assistance. Just needing some good sound advice. Thanks.