View Full Version : mag 9000 sharpener

mike r
05-22-2007, 02:27 PM

writing you to tell you that this 9000 blade grinder WILL do a blade in 60 seconds or less!
very pleased with this unit, and i strongly encourage anyone in the market for one to please consider this one for medium to high lift mower blades.
as for the 1000 GS balancer which i purchased 4 years ago is the best there is for the balancing.
i took your advice on balancing before and after sharpening with the 9000
and found your advice correct being the slightest movement down to 6 o'clock
more of that heavy side has to be removed. once i saw how this works now
i am able to get the blades within reason every time!
thank you for the informative phone conversation talk on this.

happy customer,