View Full Version : Trailer gate lifts

05-25-2007, 12:22 AM
I wanted to check and see if anybody out there has one of these eLegator lifts on their trailer. If so? How is it working out? Thinking of getting one for my open trailer.


Mow It All llc
05-25-2007, 12:27 AM
Not knocking a company but for $200 your getting a big spring and a peie of rope......for less money you can get a Rack-Em brand and there quality, or the gator lift.....That elgator looks so low budget.

05-25-2007, 12:35 AM
You can make a better one for about $60. Search on this site for gate assist.

05-25-2007, 01:14 AM
On the one Ill make, Ill weld a 2 foot handle to the side of the ramp so I dont have to bend over to lift the gate, just pull the handle and up it goes baby. That guy is cheesy in that video. LOOK, ONE FINGER........:rolleyes:

05-25-2007, 02:27 AM
I'm paying to lift weights at the gym so a tailgate assist would seem to defeat the purpose for me.