View Full Version : Grass for shade area

05-26-2007, 01:02 PM
Help!!! Need to find a grass that will grow in a heavy shaded area, (very little sun) I have a section next to my new home approx 6 ft by 80 ft that St Aug. was planted and died in a matter of month's. I live in the southern part of Louisiana. Any Suggestions Tks

05-27-2007, 11:22 PM
I'm no expert on Southern Lawns but what I know for the Northeast may apply to you too.

It all depends on what's causing the shade. Here in the Northeast we have a lot of Norway Maples and one can forget about growing grass underneath their canopy. The problem is that these trees have roots close to the surface that suck up any moisture so there is none left for the grass. There are other types of trees (oaks, blue spruce, white pine...) that are similar. Forget about growing grass under these... Mulch and hostas.

I have 1 Norway maple on my property (I cut the rest down... they are considered a weed... invasive and messy). Under that tree I've got some tall fescue which has done better than Kentucky Blue but still it's tough growing grass under there.

So I would say before you spend a whole lot of time trying to grow grass there... find out the COMPLETE growing conditions (shade, soil, drainage...) first.