View Full Version : GX-335 hydraulics died...

05-30-2007, 10:25 AM
Good Morning!

I was doing a heavy cut yesterday evening when the hydraulics on my 335 quit. Can't raise the deck, no power steering (yikes!), no can move. No leaks, levels okay.


Regards, Paul.


05-30-2007, 05:34 PM
The same thing happened to me using a 335 doing a heavy cut last season. I was doing a field that was previously water logged for what seemed like a month last may. We had alot of rain and floods up in the Northeast at the time. These old sobs I work with wouldn't let me go out and weed whack it to keep it down. So anyway when I finally had to mow it the mower quit right near the end...overworked I guess.

I forget what the hell went on it at the moment. I called my boss the guy who would remember but he's not answering. I'll let you know a little later.

05-30-2007, 09:29 PM
Hi JoeKidd...

I dropped the rig off at the Johnny Deere dealer today. Gotta call them tomorrow afternoon. Hope it's ready, likely won't be, though. Work is piling up. I got 5 new accounts yesterday and told them I would likely get them done today. Had to call them today with the sob story. :-)

Regards, Paul.

in Haliburton, ON, Canada.
the great white North.

05-31-2007, 04:14 PM
They tell me on the phone that the belt that runs the hydraulics jumped off. It's away up underneath, so I couldn't't see the sucker myself.

While I'm down there tomorrow picking up the 335, I'm going to demo a 727a Z-Trak mower. Thinking of trading in the GX-355...

05-31-2007, 06:25 PM
Yeah thats really funny because thats what we're going with soon..the 727A with a 48inch deck. I work at a private cemetery full time and we have two 335s and two older 325s. All really good tough mowers but they kind of do a lousy cutting job with all the uneven terrain. I also work with some old guys which means the decks and baggers take a beaten out there with all those stones.:realmad:

We were really thinking about a Walker because I think they follow the contour of the ground a little better than the Zs but with the bagging unit it kind of makes it dangerous given all the tight spots throughout the place not to mention if one of these blind old sobs gets on it. The 727a should be perfect given the size and its got a nice free flowing deck that should do alot better job than these fixed decks. What do you think?

Oh and I totally forgot to ask what happened to our 335, but thats probably what happened to ours too.... I'll find out tomorrow. I did try out a mid Z 737 today..the guy across the street mowing the school popped out with a brand new one today and he let me try it...I liked it alot.:)

05-31-2007, 08:18 PM
I got the Ma Bell call today from the JD dealer in Omemee. Just the belt, so I'm outta here at first light in the morning. I got 2 new customers today. I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my wife when a guy came over and asked me for a business card. My trailer is painted up in the JD green and yellow colours with the phone number plastered on all four sides. I got his address and went over and had a look, gave him a quote and got the job. It's a lakefront property, mostly flat, with about 15 minutes of trimming. Once I get it knocked down it shouldn't take me more than 45 minutes. I work alone.

I don't know anything about Zero turn mower except I tried out one for about 10 minutes last week. The dealer has a 727a in stock now so I hope to try it out tomorrow.