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06-04-2007, 11:38 PM
My Lazer Z with a 25hp Kohler will start and run for about a minute then cut off. It will start right back up but shut off after a few seconds almost like it is running out of gas. I have cleaned both tanks and lines. Took the carb apart and cleaned everything. The solenoid is working. I put a new fuel pump, fuel filter, and tuned it up. Nothing changes it! I am starting to think it might be an electrical problem. Does anyone have any ideas? I have no idea what to try next!

Thanks for any ideas anyone might have!


06-05-2007, 01:18 PM
Check for spark on the plug wires the second it shuts off.

When it shuts down have you loosened the fuel cut-off solenoid to see how much fuel is in the float bowl ?

06-05-2007, 02:52 PM
Sounds Like A Fuel Issue Clean The Carb Yet?

06-05-2007, 10:49 PM
I just checked and it looses spark right as it shuts off. I guess it has to be something that controls both cylinders? If it was a coil wouldnt it just kill one cylinder? I have not checked how much fuel in float bowl when it shuts off.

Thank you for your help!


06-05-2007, 11:18 PM
Yes, It's something that controls both coils, If your loosing spark theres no need in checking for fuel.

If your engine is not equipped with the SAM (spark advance module) mounted on the flywheel cover (black box) then un-plug the engine to unit harness plug by the starter. Remove the white wire from the engine side of the plug then plug it back into the unit harness leaving the white wire hanging but not touching anything. Then try starting the engine, If it continues to run you have a safety/ignition switch problem.

The engine will still shut down after testing with the white wire disconnected due to the fuel cut-off solenoid.

If it still shuts down the white wire that runs under the flywheel cover may be shorting out.

06-06-2007, 11:08 PM
I unhooked the white wire out of the connector, started it up and same thing. Shuts off. I took the flywheel cover off and traced the white wire around to a black box that mounts on the outside of the flywheel cover above and forward of the starter. I guess it is the ignition module? The wire was ok so I am thinking it is that module?

Thanks again for your help!!


06-06-2007, 11:23 PM
I just looked on the Kohler website and they show the ignition module is used on engines with SAM. The engine is a CH25S-68543


David Hartzog
06-06-2007, 11:34 PM
unplug all connectors blow out with air re-lube with electric contact grease and plug back in dirt can short out system let me know and if that don't work get very small wire like garbage tie and complete your (all) safety switch's and see if you can isolate the problem.............

06-08-2007, 12:08 AM
The safety switches are ok, the wiring looks good so I think it has to be the ignition module. I believe it is the only thing that controls both cylinders.

Thanks again for everyones help!


Eric D
06-08-2007, 01:23 PM
Does your engine have a low oil level sensor? Is oil level up and if so, could something with the circuit be messed up?

05-23-2011, 09:39 AM
wheres the ignition module located. ? i have a 04 LZ27KC604 and im having the same issue that was discussed in this thread . I replaced the ignition switch and the relays and checked the grounds and cleaned them. still wont start , i have power to the starter and have had the starter tested. i have unplugged the white safety wire. the only way i can start it is by jumping the starter with a screw driver. any help would be appreciated..