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DAV Mowers
06-07-2007, 06:25 AM
I got a new account today and want to keep this one. One of the things she would like for me to do is clean out the gutters every month since the former owners told her they were a problem. Now it's a high house with the gutters way up there, more than I would want to ever try to use a ladder.

Is there any blower on the market than that can reach up there. I've heard some have a long hose that's made for gutters and looks like an unside down "J" that will reach that high and is for cleaning out gutters. I can't seem to find one. Anybody have any ideas?

06-07-2007, 06:51 AM
Well you might tell her normally I don't clean gutters and I don't have the equipment but ---- Maam if you can locate a cleaner (J tube) , purchase it, I'll operate it for you.

Or you can do this - got to Lowes and buy the short J tube version. Go back to the plumbing area and pick out the fittings you'll need to attach it to a long piece of either 3/4" or l" PVC and leave this at her house for cleaning her gutters.


06-07-2007, 09:26 AM
sub that s*** out to a guy who only does gutters, or as roofer (make sure they got insurance)... dont do gutters if you dont want to.

seriously, one of the reasons customers try to treat us like handymen/jack of all trades/less than experts is because guys do s** like this even when they dont want to) when a plumber comes to your house does he empty the garbage? f*** no. you're a lawn guy/landscape guy and dont want to clean her gutters- dont do it (sub it or pass)......

06-07-2007, 09:30 AM
Echo makes the attachment that you're talking about. Costs about $35.00 I have one, used it twice. To me, it's a PITA to use.