View Full Version : 14 to 17 hp engine swap scag

bobby perez
06-08-2007, 12:09 AM
good evening fellas , I just purchased a 17hp Kawasaki engine for the scag hydro.which had a 14 kawi,. the mower has an electric clutch. the problem is the wiring ,I cant figure it out.The NEW engine has 2 wires coming from it, 1 ,I believe is for the clutch the other for the engine stop switch.The terminal ends on these wires coming from the engine are a blade terminal and a round or barrel type terminal on the other wire. Now, the main problem is, that the wires coming from the mower is a 3 bladed terminal harness and the harness that connects the clutch to the mower power source is a 2 bladed terminal harness.I am confused as to hook up what, where. I can connect the clutch harness to the mower, but then what. please if you can shed a little info I would be deeply indebted to you. Before I get WIRED UP. I did do a search but to no avail. Also anything I should watch out for. I did get the clutch and pulley of with no problem off the old one. THANK YOU MUCH.

bobby perez
06-08-2007, 04:44 PM
hello again : any advise or caution or warnings or should haves or 1st thing you have to do is,any info is probably better than none. THANK YOU.