View Full Version : fert/advertising

06-12-2007, 01:36 PM
I am having a sign made for my trailer gate. i plan on getting my fert license this winter before everything starts up next year. Do you think it'd be fine to go ahead and have that on the sign since it is kind of pricey. im not planning on doing any unless i already have my license. is this reasonable?

06-12-2007, 03:14 PM
Are you asking whether you should put a sign up that syas that you do fertilizing, or that you should put a sign up that says you are liscensed?

06-12-2007, 03:38 PM
sorry i'm asking if you guys would see a problem if i had the sign made now and it said licensed for fert. etc. even though i wont be doing it until next year. nevermind though im kind of answering my own question