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08-24-2001, 10:29 PM
one of my customer asked if i would put in a bid for fall clean up. I normally don't do fall cleanup but i would like to do what ever I can to help my customer. If any one can help me with any ideas of how much I should be charging for this service it would be great thank for any help.

08-24-2001, 11:21 PM
You might want to search on this. You need to have an hourly labor charge in mind first of all.Fall clean ups are nice because they are almost all profit, but they eat alot of time up also.Fall clean ups should and can include:edging,pruning,trimming,cutting down perinnals,weeding beds,removing annuals,fertilizing,mow,and most commonly removing all leaves. You need to discuss with your client there needs before you give a quote, or they will add little things left and right. See if you have to remove all debris, or put in compost pile, woods etc. I try to charge around $25-$30 an hour for cleanups.Good luck.:blob3:

08-25-2001, 09:53 AM
I have various different types of properties that require different cleanups. My most profitable ends up netting me a total of around 500.00 with a time investment of about 6 hours. This of course is a high end property where the homeowner wants all debris removed to the compost site.
Other residences just require a quick blowout of the beds and house perimeter and vacuuming them up with the Walker, then put to the curb for city pickup.

The nice thing is that when the grass stops growing in October I keep showing up weekly and pick the leaves up and charge the regular mowing price. Then I charge for a final clean in early November at 3 to 4X the regular weekly mowing rate.

08-25-2001, 10:23 AM
Originally posted by ozman
I normally don't do fall cleanup but i would like to do what ever I can to help my customer.

Sorry, I don't understand..... What do you normaly do? Cut all year and leave the cleanup for someone else?

08-25-2001, 02:06 PM
If your only charging 20 to 25 an hour, thats only
$20 x 8 hours a day, thats $160 a day, times 6 days a week, thats $460 a week, times 30 weeks is 22,000 a year . If my math is correct and you probbly have at least $10,000 in equipment. So your probbly not keeping most of that 22,000 after taxes and expenses will you please explain how you do this?

08-25-2001, 02:26 PM
Grasyfus::: redo the math, and who are you referring to.?;)

bubble boy
08-25-2001, 02:35 PM
yah, $20 x even just 40 hr per week is $800.

$30 x 45 is $1350 for 30 weeks is $40 500.

and he may have employees

08-25-2001, 02:49 PM
Originally posted by grassyfras
If your only charging 20 to 25 an hour, thats only
$20 x 8 hours a day, thats $160 a day, times 6 days a week, thats $460 a week, times 30 weeks is 22,000 a year . If my math is correct ...

LOL...Maybe you typed $460 when you meant $960 (the correct answer to your math problem ( $160 x 6 days = 960)

But $460 x 30 weeks = $13800 and
$960 x 30 weeks = $28800...so where are you getting $22,000?

08-25-2001, 02:51 PM

I think that you are misinterpreting the point. When you charge for a Fall Clean-Up service, you are charging additional man hours above and beyond your cost for mowing.

Lets say that you have your clients set up for $30/cut. In the fall you probably back off to about 1/3 of your regular production because of the additional work and the reduced daylight hours.

If you have a 3-Man-Crew, and are charging the low end of $25/man hour thats $200 per man per day additional. Figure in you service a low end of 8 properties ($240) per day.

So now you have your mowing contract price of $240/day + labor of 3 men $600 = $840/day or $4200/week.

If your solo, you shoulkd figure that you will be doing twice the work, and possibly the same amount of work as two men if not more. In this case I would charge them at least $50/hr additional.

So now if you take those same 8 lawns ($240) + labor $50/hr ($400) = $640/day or $3200.

Hope this helps.

08-25-2001, 07:53 PM
oppppppppppppppsssssss can u live of that 40k a year?

08-25-2001, 08:03 PM
On my month end statement, the cleanups are listed as:
Labor $______ disposal $______
I will add this extra line and no one ever questions it. Usually, we have to pay to dump. And even if you don't, you still spend time driving and unloading.

08-25-2001, 10:33 PM
Basically, I break down the hourly wage for each sub-job. General cleaning = 25.00 to 35.00 per hour (depending on the neighborhood.) Any chores that resemble landscaping are billed at 35.00 to 45.00 per hour. Mulching labor is 22.50 per yard providing I sell the mulch too. Hauling is 40.00 per ton or fraction thereof.

I don't give them an hourly wage summary but a bottomline figure excluding hauling. Most of 'em pay it, thank God.

08-26-2001, 02:59 AM
$75 per a man hour leaf removal and cub side vac

$55 per man hour other clean up


08-26-2001, 03:39 AM
i hate fall cleanups! seems i can never charge enough. my worst cleanup is a property with oaks, alot of leaves, back yard that is landscaped with all stone, built in pool, etc. this is mainly all blowing and hand picking. it takes us(2 men) about 6 hrs to clean, plus 2 truck loads of leaves which i take to the dump and pay $15 per truck to dispose of. what should i get for a cleanup like this? for what i charge it just isnt worth it, but will they pay what it is worth? i seem to take a beating every fall.

08-26-2001, 05:12 AM
Originally posted by ozman
how much I should be charging for this service

How much is your hourly rate for ANY service you perform?? It shouldn't fluxuate too much, and it should NEVER go down, so whatever you need to make per hour is what you charge. I'm not getting into the whole "figure out your overhead" thing because I've done it here a bunch of times already. You need to make a certain amount per hour to cover expenses, pay yourself X amount of dollars an hour, AND (always forgotten) make the business X amount of dollars an hour.

You have to figure it out for yourself.

John DiMartino
08-26-2001, 06:49 AM
Bobby,Id charge 600+disposal fees,for that job you mentioned,without seeing it.If its beating you up,you must be working it too cheap,id rather not do it,than work for nothing.

08-26-2001, 10:00 AM
I agree w/ John about $600,we don't have fees on clippings + leaves but i would charge time to go to dump. I've had plenty of cleanups that were way under bid, if there just the cleanup customer, tell them you were off here' s the new price either they take it or somebody else will do it. If they're a good lawn customer you want to keep tell them thr price you need,like 600 for this one let's say your getting 400 tell them your going to increase over 2-3 yr period to get your price, this has worked well for me w/ cleanups + mowing.

08-26-2001, 10:52 AM
i know what u r saying, its worth every nickle of $600. ive only been charging like half that, i dont want to do it anymore,but dont want to lose the cutting, shrub trimming, mulch, fert, etc that i do for them . seems i can only get customers to pay a certain amount for leaves, so ive been trying to kind of "hide" the cost. like after oct 15th, we go every 2 weeks and blow out beds and suck up leaves for double the cut fee. at the end of november we do a "big" cleanup, for say 2-300. it still dont seem worth it to me. i know if i said i need 6 bills to clean the leaves, she would get someone else. we do have leaf jobs that we make out on, but the larger ones never pay enough. oh well, good luck oz

John DiMartino
08-26-2001, 11:07 AM
Bobby,i would only do it for 300,if she signed a 3 yr full servcie contract,and paid monthy.This way you could control everything,and skip a few cuts in the summer drought,and the higher maintance in the fall would even out,you still get paid all year.I couldnt do a job like that,per cleaning,or one time,there is to much other profitable work out there to work for 1/2 price.

08-27-2001, 01:32 PM
u r soooo right. so, u think i should get her on a 12 month payment schedule? or a 10month, or what? i have to do something, i dont want to lose her business, i have 4 of her neighbors too. and would u still incorporate the $300 fee in for fall cu, or raise it and "sneak" it in ? thanks

08-27-2001, 01:54 PM
I dont like to refer to it as "Sneaking It In There". That makes us sound unscrupulous.

I like to call it "Sound Business Practices". If we know that we need to get $600 for a Fall Clean-Up but they are well below the norm on say Spring Clean-Up, Shearing, etc. I like to add a portion of the FCU into those other areas that have a buffer.

This is easier on their wallet too by spreading it out over the length of the season. If you tally everything up and divide it over a 10 month season, this may be an easier way for them to budget as well.

Best of Luck!

08-27-2001, 03:31 PM
there is not much fall cleanup for my regulars. i mulch every wk and only chg more if it actuaaly takes longer. now callins
pay anywhere from 35 - 100 an hr depending on the job.
by the way they dont know their paying a hundred an hr.
the just know that a job they were dreading is done better than they could have done it.lot o people just dont want that
hot nasty hard wk. i dont either unless the pays right.
4-5 of them kinda hrs is a whole day for me.

08-27-2001, 03:45 PM
awm: I hear that on cleanups being hard on you. Lately when i bid new cleanups if i think it's close to 6 hrs or so, i bid for whole day because after 6 hrs too late to start another cleanup, i like to finish cleanup the day i start or the wind blows everything back where you did already, the crew is usually wiped

08-27-2001, 04:02 PM
M.Wall good idea about the 6-8 schedule..