View Full Version : rain in okc

elite lawns
06-29-2007, 01:16 AM
Is ever going to stop raining in Oklahoma i have not been able to work now for 3 days and they said more rain coming anyone one else having this problem

06-29-2007, 01:39 AM
Ohhh no!!! We are dry here.

06-29-2007, 03:24 AM
I'll take some of your rain.

It's getting bad here, almost to the point of NOT being even remotely funny anymore.

Some weekly cuts that I skipped last week virtually did not need cutting after two weeks this week.

If this keeps up I'll be cutting every 3 weeks.

Thank God I've got a few decent sized mulch installs in the next few weeks...

Loyds Lawn Service
06-30-2007, 12:22 AM
Still raining in Purcell 17 days and counting.

06-30-2007, 12:26 AM
Same problem here i just did my monthly billing and looked at the bottom line and almost cried. I billed about 2/3 the ammount that i should have on a full month

elite lawns
06-30-2007, 02:47 AM
pc lawn where are you in oklahoma

06-30-2007, 10:32 AM
So much here in E. Texas that I'm mowing my yard twice a week and really not keeping up.

It's like everything is catching up after last year's drought. I have never seen wildflowers like this year, and black eyed susans which are usually dried up and gone are still going strong.

07-02-2007, 08:21 PM
Looks like you guys are beginning to dry out...finally. Upper Midwest needs rain bad. Please send it our way soon. Thanks in advance, american

07-03-2007, 01:44 AM
Well i though we were drying out some untill it started raining on us today about noon emerald i am in enid about hour and half or two hours nw of you