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07-04-2007, 02:02 PM
We are thinking of getting another trailer. Most likely just a replacement as we have very little room to store running out of our house as it is. We use a 5x10 tilt now and it is working out fine but would like abit bigger and see examples of nice signage on the trailer.
I like the fact of being able to haul brush, leaves, and mulch with the open trailer that is why we are going to have to stay with an open design. I have 2' sides on our tilt now to help hold in product. We are a small company so most equipment has to be dual role.
I would love to see some nice ideas on signs for an open trailer. I've seen the signs on the back gate but not seen alot of signage on the sides I guess. All the other guys I talk to tell me they get most of the work they have just off the big enclosed trailer signs.
We just have 1 50" ztr but are considering adding a 36" stander. I need a place to mount 3 trimmers, 2 back pack blowers, 1 5 gal. gas, 1 2.5 gal. gas, hedge trimmer and the normal small stuff. We use a full size truck to pull with and normally just leave the hand tools laying in the bed and don't have any racks currently on the trailer, very fast to get to but also could get stolen.
Seems like we really don't make very good use of the truck bed much. If we bought all the correct racks for the handhelds it would just be empty most of the time. Any thoughts? We currently are operating under the 10,000 lb. CGVWR with a single axle and 1/2 ton truck as I hear it is a pain to step up to the next level for regulation. Thanks for any feedback. :drinkup:

07-04-2007, 02:15 PM

It wont let me up load the picture i want but you can see my trialer it is the third picture down i think i couldnt find one with only my trailer but you get the idea with the sign on the side it works well since it is on the side not by the curb so all their neighbors and people driving by can still see it. I have 2-3place trimmer racks one on each side and a 2' x 2' in the front for gas tool box and anything else you want to store in there and if you look closely in the picture i carry a small step ladder and my small hedge trimmers all secured of course on top of the 2x2 box in the front it just keeps them out of the way. This trailer works great for hauling brush and limbs you can stack them very high throw a couple ropes over the top and you dont have to worry about stuff flying off, also you can haul a ton of leaves with this trailer you can nearly pack it full you just have to get a mesh tarp to throw over top. By the way it is 7000# 7'x16' trailer and i can fit both my walkers and my 61" grasshopper all at the same time it is tight but it can be done so there is tons of room. Also another thing it has a 4 1/2' side gate on the curb side that comes in pretty handy.

07-04-2007, 02:52 PM
How does it work to load brush over the side of the trailer? Does the mesh grab everything and make it hard to get everything off the trailer as far brush and leaves(sticks)? I like the signs and had seen open trailers with the high sides but thought it was the worst of the to types of trailers combined as far as hard to load brush into, yet still doesn't do alot for covering the equipment. Do you like the raised sides and if so how do you handle say a trim job that would have say 5 10x12 tarp loads full of trimmings to haul away? I have been thinking about getting a leaf loader so that would take care of getting the leaves and such in I guess.

07-04-2007, 03:05 PM
I really do like the tall side for larger limbs and stuff just watch how you load it make sure the brances are all facing the front as much as possible like the branches that have Y like that you want the long part facing the back so you are not pulling aginst the branches they just slide along. It is not the best thing out there but for multi purpose it is the best i have found. For loading it is not bad especialy curb side its pretty easy to toss things over when i have tarp loads of stuff and branches i load the tarp full of stuff and drag it up the side gate with the rear gate still closed and start pilling the stuff at the back. As far as unloading it is about like unloading any regular 16ft open trailer. The mesh does catch some things but no near as bad as i had though. Another thought i have had is when i am doing a bunch of clean ups and stuff in the spring and fall would be to get some 1/4" ply wood sheets and just bolt them to the mesh with some bolts and large washers on the inside to make the sides totaly smooth would be pretty easy and not too expensive but i use it alot more for mowing than i do for hauling brush. I haul maybe once or twice a month so i leave it set up for mowing primarily