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07-07-2007, 02:59 PM
Well...I am a full time firefighter in central florida, and have had my small lawn business going for about a year. It's been growing and I have been getting busier and busier. I need to upgrade mowers. Right now I am using a 36" Bunton walkbehind, it's great for getting through gates into back yards and stuff, but i'm getting into bigger nicer accounts and I need something a little better...still keeping the bunton as a back up though, which I dont think is a bad idea.

So here is the question...I need something bigger, badder, better, more....keeping in mind that I only mow several days a week (on my days off from the FD), should I go ahead and take the leap and get something like an Exmark or a Gravely and dump the 8 or 9 grand, or do you think I should spend about 3 grand and get a nice 50" Cub from home depot? The Cubs seem decent at a decent price...so thats why I'm considering it. Cost is the main issue for me right now...I dont make **** at the FD and the lawn business is just helping me get through at this point..............ANY INPUT???????

I'm also considering just getting a used mower, but you know how that goes...never know what it's been though and what-not.


07-07-2007, 03:23 PM
if you don't want to drop the money on a new commercial mower, then go with a used one. The ones from HD, lowes and other box name stores SUCK, and will be a pita later on. What are you mowing with now? You can get a nice new WB for under $4k for a belt drive with velke, bagger and mulch kit (if you use one).

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07-07-2007, 03:51 PM
...not very

07-07-2007, 04:03 PM
The cub tanks look to be a well built machine. The RTZs are decent for a home owner.

07-07-2007, 04:23 PM
I found a used Lesco Z2 54" ( i think it's a 54) for 1800, and needs a new seat. Should I go for something like that? how are those things???


07-07-2007, 04:40 PM
For a while the Lesco and Cub tanks were same machine. Thats a heck of a price for a 54"

07-07-2007, 07:47 PM
For a while the Lesco and Cub tanks were same machine. Thats a heck of a price for a 54"
yea...makes you wonder what else is wrong with it!!

07-07-2007, 08:06 PM
I am also a firefighter. I am near the Tampa Bay area. When I needed a ZTR I took the plunge and went with an Exmark. Mainly because there is a large reputable dealer near me.

I can tell you this. In the one year I have had the mower, the support with answering questions, simple fixes/maintenance etc has been worth the extra money and peace of mind. I also have no worries that if the mower has a problem they can have it back running the day after I get off shift or will give me a loaner.

I know cost is a consideration. But take all things into play. You are running a business. Not cutting your grandmothers lawn.... well maybe you are cutting her lawn.. but you gt my point.

As for used. Unless it is practically new.. I think you buy some one else's problems.

07-07-2007, 08:59 PM
on 8-1-06 I bought a new cub 50 with a 22 kal. on it have about 80 hours havnt had 1 problem . only thing i have done is oil changes and new blades.. mows great... i got it for a back up but now i use it on all my yards..john deere walk behind 48 is my back up ..

07-07-2007, 09:22 PM
yea...makes you wonder what else is wrong with it!!

I thought about that too. But its hard to tell without pictures or seeing the machine.

07-07-2007, 09:32 PM
Me personally, I would look at a smaller Exmark, or something made for commercial purposes.

07-07-2007, 11:19 PM
Also keep in mind that a CubCadet mower from HomeDepot will typically carry a 3yr/120hr residential warranty (lawn tractor styles) 3yr/150hr residential warranty (Z-Force). This of course is moot if you are going to be using it commercially since there is no real warranty to speak of then.

But what are you going to do when you put over 150 hours on it in the first month and your warranty is finished and you have a problem that would have been a warranted repair on a real commercialy built machine? Also, if the manufacturer is only willing to stand behind the machine for 120/150 hours of residential use.. what should that tell you?

07-09-2007, 10:36 PM
Cub are good mowers but home cheapos are residential. Find a cub dealer and look into the new enforcer. It is a commercial built for us smaller guys. They run about $5,000 and they have 36 months 0 interest.

07-10-2007, 06:38 PM
I bought the Cub Cadet enforcer 48 back in April and love it! Great price, smooth cut and well built! :clapping: :clapping: