View Full Version : '07 Mits Fuso FE180

07-25-2007, 11:07 PM
We are looking into the cabovers and we stopped in at a dealer the other day. We got a price of $47k for an '07 Fuso FE180 with regular cab, 10' steel grain body (42" sides, barn doors, and a curbside door), electric hoist, 24" aluminum 'toolbox' to sit between the cab and dump. We can upgrade to a PTO hoist and aluminum body for around another $8k. He claims if I wait to get an '08 it will be another 4k more, no matter what dealership I go to, b/c of the new EPA diesel emissions regs.

Few questions...

How is the Aisin trans? Should I even consider an aluminum body...is it worth the extra money? Same for the PTO vs. electric hoist? How about the price? Should I get a price for just the cab/truck and look for another company to do the body work?