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jon schuler
10-10-2007, 07:41 PM
Anybody interested in an EZ trencher bed edger? It is the bigger one with the 6.5 HP honda (310?). I cant remember but I think it is three years old. Not much use at all, It's worth more to me to sell it than the little I will use it in the future. I bought it slightly used and have barely used it. Works great just do not need it. PM me if you are interested. I will post a picture soon.

jon schuler
10-11-2007, 09:27 PM




10-11-2007, 10:14 PM
I've only used the brown bed edger brand. That look's pretty nice, so what are you asking?

jon schuler
10-12-2007, 07:05 PM
I was looking to ask 1700 OBO for it as it was around 2500 new. They do not sell this more powerful one (6.5 horse and a bit more features) any more. They only make the 300 model with the 5.5 horse. The be300 goes for 2295 now. I thought 1700 would be fair but I will listen to all offers. The question has been asked about trades, the only thing I would consider is a partial trade for a older but decent tailgate spreader.

jon schuler
10-13-2007, 04:13 PM
OK I need to get rid of it my wife says get rid of it. 1400 OBO. As I said in the PMs I would possibly meet part way. Thanks Jon

jon schuler
10-14-2007, 07:41 PM
All you guys that sent pms anybody want it? Awesome piece of equipment.

10-14-2007, 07:50 PM
My Lord- I wish you lived closer. I'd buy it in a second.

10-15-2007, 11:48 AM
This is a great machine. I have the same model. Just wanted to let you know they still make this model. It is The BE310-A. They have added a control on the handle so you can set the cutting depth from the Handle instead of down on the machine. The old style is easy enough to use. Besides I usually set the height do all the beds then lower the wheel before putting it away. I think the also added a couple of handles to make it easier to lift for loading.

Hint for use: I put 2 grommets in the corner of the rubber Shield and tie it up with a string. This way the dirt goes further away from the machine instead of staying right next to the cut. Less work raking the dirt back latter. The cutter is still very well surrounded so there is not much danger of stones flying out.

jon schuler
10-15-2007, 08:55 PM
Thanks for the post, the dealer I talked to said they could only get the be300. They are really awesome.

jon schuler
10-18-2007, 09:38 PM
Looks like the guy that was going to take it for 1300.00 and pay to have it shipped backed out. Shipping seems to be around 175.00 UPS insured. This is where it stands 1300.00 was and is my bottom line. PM or post if interested.

Freshcut Lawn Care
10-18-2007, 09:56 PM
Where exactly do you live in Michigan Jon?

jon schuler
10-18-2007, 11:51 PM
I am in Saginaw MI. It is a little less than 2 hours north of Detroit.

jon schuler
10-21-2007, 05:24 PM
looks like I need a bump

10-21-2007, 08:36 PM
hey jon call me monday morning @540-440-0432 would like to buy it

jon schuler
10-25-2007, 08:12 AM
As of this morning it is still for sale.

10-25-2007, 10:56 PM
what part of michigan are you from?

jon schuler
10-26-2007, 02:02 PM
I am in Saginaw zip 48604

10-27-2007, 11:50 PM
ive got 1100 and a tank of gas to get there if you wish to drop it a bit more

not really the time to be selling a bed edger...lol!

understandable if you cant though, it looks like a nice machine

if interested, let me know

edit - can't post an email address at the site. Thanks, Mike

jon schuler
11-03-2007, 08:47 AM
bump fpr a good time to get a deal on bed edger.

11-03-2007, 08:09 PM
jon, im the guy that sold u the trailer, give me a call and lets see if we can work something out. 313 477 4505. Thanks

jon schuler
11-07-2007, 05:57 PM
I guess it is still for sale, $1250 or selling next spring. Nice shape, cant beat the price.

jon schuler
03-31-2008, 09:31 PM
Here are the pics for you that wanted, sent PMs to me.

Freshcut Lawn Care
03-31-2008, 09:55 PM
Shoot me your phone number Jon!

03-31-2008, 10:07 PM
yea if you want to drive half way up here I would be interested.


04-03-2008, 08:55 AM
How far from Chicago are you? I might be interested, posts have confused me a little is it still for sale and what is your price.

jon schuler
04-03-2008, 04:52 PM
Still for sale, will take it to ups to ship, I got a couple quotes at around 175.00 Ph 989-239-3554 Jon

04-03-2008, 07:10 PM
Still for sale, will take it to ups to ship, I got a couple quotes at around 175.00 Ph 989-239-3554 Jon

How far are you from Chicago? Will you consider meeting me half way

04-28-2008, 02:46 PM
Is the unit still for sale? I might be in the Ann ArbourDetroit area around May tenth if the unit is still for sale.

What is the asking price again?
How far are you form Ann Arbour?

jon schuler
04-28-2008, 03:20 PM
sorry it is sold, thanks